Our People

Ankur Agrawal
PartnerNew York
Focuses on counseling healthcare systems and pharmaceutical and medical-device companies on strategy and corporate-finance issues...
Maria Albonico
Advises leading companies on commercial strategies as well as organizational and performance transformations in the financial...
Gassan Al-Kibsi
Senior Partner and Managing PartnerRiyadh
Supports public-, private-, and social-sector leaders across the region to improve opportunities for the youth and create global...
Tera Allas, CBE
Director of Research and EconomicsLondon
Leads economic and business research on growth, productivity, innovation, technology adoption, and outcome measurement
Nikolay Anoshchenko
Helps companies across sectors capture the full potential of transformation with a focus on strategic resource allocation, process...
Jan Ascher
Senior PartnerZurich
Helps leading pharmaceutical companies develop corporate and business-unit strategies maximizing the commercial potential of...
Yuval Atsmon
Senior PartnerLondon
Focuses on helping companies through growth-led transformations in the high tech, media and entertainment, telecommunications,...
Pontus Averstad
Senior PartnerStockholm
Leads McKinsey’s Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice in Europe and advises principal investors and financial...
Gergely Bacsó
Brings deep expertise in digital retail banking and insurance, specializing in digital transformations and setting up new digital...
Anita Balchandani
Senior PartnerLondon
Leads our apparel, fashion, and luxury work in EMEA, with deep expertise in multichannel and digital transformation
Matt Banholzer
Helps companies achieve strategic growth and optimize resource allocation by pursuing transformative innovation
Jordan Bar Am
PartnerNew Jersey
Works with companies across the entire food value chain to develop growth strategies that generate value from sustainability...
Christian Behrends
Advises software and private-equity portfolio companies about transformation, strategy, and due diligence programs
Alejandro Beltrán
Senior PartnerMadrid
Advises international corporations on strategy and corporate finance, and counsels public institutions on macroeconomic and policy...
Pierre-Ignace Bernard
Senior PartnerParis
Co-leads McKinsey’s Financial Services Practice in Europe
Sara Bernow
Serves leading institutional investors, private-equity firms, and financial institutions on investment strategy, sustainable...
Fabian Billing
Managing Partner Germany and AustriaDüsseldorf
Fabian serves as the Managing Partner of McKinsey Germany and Austria
Stephan Binder
Senior PartnerZurich
Leverages deep knowledge of the global insurance industry to advise executives on strategy, distribution, and operations
Christopher Blaufelder
Helps banking, financial infrastructure, and fintech clients develop growth and innovation strategies, realize operational improvements,...
Sven Blumberg
Senior PartnerIstanbul
Serves financial institutions across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on operations and technology, with a focus on large-scale...
Laura Blumenfeld
Advises on organizational, talent, and commercial issues, including transactions, merger management, carve-outs, new business...
Ivo Bozon
Senior PartnerZurich
Coleads McKinsey’s global energy work, helping leading oil and gas companies understand the future evolution of the industry,...
Chris Bradley
McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior PartnerSydney
Leads research on global economic, business, and tech trends and works on strategic transformations for organizations across...
Laura Bremme
Senior PartnerZurich
Supports the leaders of pharmaceutical, generics, medical-device, and animal-health companies as they set strategy, boost commercial...
Tom Brennan
Helps established companies grow through innovation and business building, and start-ups scale across the chemical, food, and...
Giorgio Bresciani
Senior PartnerLondon
Leads McKinsey’s Oil & Gas Practice globally, serving clients to improve their performance.
Robert Byrne
Senior PartnerBay Area
Helps financial services and financial technology companies drive growth by transforming their go-to-market capabilities in commercialization,...
Cristina Catania
Senior PartnerMilan
Coleads McKinsey’s work in wealth and asset management in Europe
Vladimir Cernavskis
Senior Partner
Leads projects in green technology, and agricultural technology sectors; a member of the firm’s recovery and transformation work...
Kapil Chandra
Senior PartnerLondon
Provides leading clients in the banking and insurance sectors with deep expertise in large-scale financial and strategic transformations...
Wonsik Choi
Senior PartnerSeoul
Wonsik is a senior partner of McKinsey’s Korea office. He is a leader of McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice and...
Emily Clark
Associate PartnerStamford
Collaborates with healthcare organizations on strategy, M&A, and partnership topics to improve the experience, quality, and affordability...
Frank Coleman III
Serves Industrial clients on strategy and M&A, driven by value creation fundamentals and underpinned by complex technology investments...
Mark Collins
PartnerBay Area
Serves clients across the telecommunications value chain with a specific focus on driving commercial growth and unlocking new...
Margaux Constantin
Partner Dubai
Leads the firm’s work for the tourism sector, serving clients all over the world to tackle challenges from aspiration and strategy-setting...
Laura Corb
Senior PartnerNew York
Delivers sustainable growth transformations for leading companies with particular focus on technology, media, and telecommunications...
Balázs Czímer
Brings a decade of experience in serving major financial institutions across Europe on strategy, large-scale transformation programs,...
Alex D’Amico
Senior PartnerStamford
Guides clients to create long-term value by setting enterprise strategy and pursuing rapid performance improvement while strengthening...
Fredrik Dahlqvist
Senior PartnerStockholm
Coleads our Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice globally, advises private equity companies, government holding corporations,...
Rajiv Dattani
Provides leading insurers, asset managers, and private-equity firms with deep expertise on strategy, M&A, and performance transformations...
Paul Daume
A trusted advisor on strategy and corporate-finance topics with deep expertise in M&A and capital-market transactions
Angus Dawson
Senior PartnerSydney
Serves clients through periods of intense strategic, regulatory, and technology-based change
Henri de Combles de Nayves
Advises industry leaders on major transformation programs in the Financial Services Practice in Europe
Jonathan Deakin
Advises leading financial services companies on strategy, corporate finance, growth, distribution, and performance transformation...
Ulrike Deetjen
Leads digital transformations in health, life, and property-and-casualty insurance, with a focus on developing and implementing...
Marc-Antoine de La Chevasnerie
Advises companies on their growth challenges and accompanies them in the implementation of their commercial transformations
Fernando Martin del Agua
Serves banks, wealth managers, and asset managers in the topics of strategy, distribution, digital, and operating models
Nicolas Denis
Advises government institutions on sustainable economic development and serves leading companies in agribusiness, fisheries,...
Harald Deubener
Senior PartnerStuttgart
Leads McKinsey’s advanced industries work in Germany and Austria; supports European clients in the automotive, mobility, machinery,...
Carolyn Dewar
Senior PartnerBay Area
Delivers large-scale performance-improvement programs that foster culture change and counsels senior executives making leadership...
Jad Dib
Supports downstream oil and gas as well as petrochemicals companies in resetting their strategies and achieving their full potential...
Dago Diedrich
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Serves leading energy, automotive, and high-tech companies on strategic issues, performance transformation, and trend analysis...
Miklós Gábor Dietz
Senior PartnerVancouver
Helps financial services companies and other organizations harness digital technology and stay ahead of emerging trends
Ben Dimson
Advises organisations on all aspects of real estate, with a focus on digital disruption.
Rebecca Doherty
PartnerBay Area
Counsels executives on strategies for growth, working with companies to implement growth transformations and M&A
Joseba Eceiza
Shapes transformations in the European financial services industry, with a focus on Sustainability topics
Roque Echaniz
Advises organizations on strategic decisions and transformation processes to make the bold moves that unlock new sources of performance...
Hauke Engel
Partner in McKinsey's Sustainability Practice. Co-leads work on climate change globally and supports businesses across sectors...
Oliver Engert
Senior PartnerMiami
Advises executives across industries on mergers and acquisitions—including mergers, integrations, alliances, and divestitures—bringing...
Blair Epstein
PartnerBay Area
Helps CEOs and leaders transform their organizations at scale, from strategy to execution
Robin Erdestam
Leads McKinsey’s Private Equity Practice in the Nordic region and advises investors along the investment lifecycle
Liz Ericson
Serves consumer-facing organisations on digital projects, including omnichannel strategy, organisation, marketing, and product...
Philipp Espel
Senior PartnerHamburg
Leads our M&A work in Europe
Obi Ezekoye
Helps companies in the global energy and materials sectors build strategies, deals, and products that fuel value creation
Nelson Ferreira
Senior PartnerSão Paulo
Advises agriculture and mining companies in Brazil and Latin America, helping executives set strategy, manage supply chains,...
Alex Filip
Managing PartnerBucharest
Brings extensive experience serving clients across key industries, helping them tackle issues related to digital transformation,...
Max Flötotto
Senior PartnerMunich
Serves leading financial institutions on strategy, M&A, and business building, and helps fintech companies scale
Elizabeth Foote
Advises energy, materials, and public- and social-sector clients on environmental, social, and governance strategy, future of...
Markus Forsgren
Advises and serves primarily industrial clients across Europe, with a focus on growth and services business building.
Marc Frederick
Advises consumer packaged goods and retail companies on how to accelerate sustainable and profitable growth; leads McKinsey’s...
Dr. Laura Furstenthal
Senior PartnerBay Area
Serves healthcare clients globally as well as not-for-profit organizations, governments, and Nobel laureates, guiding innovation...
Julien Gagnon
Advises on private-equity and principal-investor projects across the investment cycle in Europe, North America, and Africa with...
Markus Gampert
Specializes in multinational, holistic transformations at scale across the healthcare space for statutory health- insurance companies,...
Arne Gast
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Offers extensive global expertise in leadership development, organizational design, talent management, and transformational change...
Leo Geddes
Serves governments and companies on strategy and corporate-finance topics including M&A integrations and regulatory processes
Jay Gelb
PartnerNew York
Works with insurers to link their strategy to value creation and the investor story
Emma Gibbs
Leader of the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in the United Kingdom; helps public- and private-sector clients set sustainable...
Sebastián Giménez
Advises commercial airlines and airports on topics including strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring
Massimo Giordano
Senior Partner and Managing PartnerMilan
Leads our activities in Europe, advising major institutions and leading companies on a broad range of issues, with a particular...
Andrew Goodman
Senior PartnerLondon
Serves companies, governments and investors. He works with clients in sectors that are being disrupted to deliver strategic transformations....
Davide Grande
Helps large organizations – in particular in the banking and healthcare sectors – undergo data and analytics transformations,...
Anna Granskog
Extensive experience in the electricity, basic materials, and engineering industry sectors with particular focus on strategy...
Ezra Greenberg
Advises executives and investors in multiple sectors on how macro forces and global trends impact critical strategy and investment...
Abdulkadir Hacialioglu
Focuses on modernizing corporate functions by unlocking the value in digital, process, and capabilities
Stephen Hall
Helps large organizations in the public and social sector transform their impact to improve outcomes for people across the Middle...
Claudia von Hammerstein
Drives healthcare improvements through strategic advice, growth, innovation, and sustainability within healthcare and life-sciences...
Damian Hattingh
Leads our consumer work in Africa, advising consumer goods companies and retailers across the globe on commercial initiatives...
Ludwig Hausmann
Senior PartnerMunich
Helps travel, logistics, and infrastructure companies to become investments of choice by improving return on invested capital...
Wesley Hayes
Senior PartnerParis
Advises private equity and principal investors across the investment cycle in Europe and North America; has extensive experience...
Stefan Helmcke
Senior PartnerVienna
Stefan Helmcke is co-leader of McKinsey’s global Sustainability Practice. He is responsible for sustainability strategy as well...
Dorothee Herring
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Advises automotive and machinery companies as they set strategies for growth and pursue performance improvement
Patrick Hertzke
Drives impact for automotive and industrial clients in a variety of areas, including strategy, marketing, and product development,...
Jussi Hiltunen
Works with leading Finnish and Northern European companies and investors on strategy and transformational change with focus on...
Carsten Hirschberg
Senior PartnerBerlin
Leader in the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, partnering with leaders to set...
Reinhard Hoell
Serves banks and payment companies on developing and executing strategic growth plans, improving operations, managing change,...
Karl Holmström
Serves leading financial institutions and private equity firms on strategy, growth, due diligence, and transformational change...
Benjamin Houssard
Benjamin Houssard serves clients in the industrial sector and especially in Aerospace & Defense and Metals & Mining. He specializes...
Celia Huber
Senior PartnerBay Area
Leads our North American board services sector and advises organizations on strategies to help thrive within the context of global...
Sara Hudson
Works with consumer companies on strategy, growth, marketing and sales, M&A, and responses to disruption, and with private equity...
Abdellah Iftahy
Leads client projects in the consumer and retail sectors, with particular expertise on digital and analytics transformations
Marcus Jacob
Advises retail and consumer-packaged-goods companies across Europe on a variety of strategy and corporate finance initiatives,...
Sheinal Jayantilal
Works with leading banks on topics including strategy, cost cutting, organisation redesign and marketing. Brings deep expertise...
Ian Jefferson
Senior PartnerWashington DC
Serves healthcare clients across the value chain and helps complex organizations undergo postmerger integrations, culture-change...
Barbara Jeffery
Focuses on delivering transformative organization journeys to change organizations and individuals as people and leaders
Bartosz Jesse
Supports leading retailers and wholesalers in Europe and Asia on growth transformations and sustainability topics
Marc de Jong
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Focuses on strategy, innovation, and transformation in technology-intensive industries and leads strategy-transformation services...
Christian Julius
Leads strategy and corporate finance in healthcare in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East with a focus on growth and performance...
Rebecca Kaetzler
Brings deep expertise in merger management and performance transformation to help executives manage culture, change, and organizational...
Kjartan Landgraff Kalstad
Leads McKinsey Digital in the Nordics. Helps companies transform their core business and build new businesses, leveraging technology...
Akshay Kapur
Serves leading healthcare organizations on strategy, growth, M&A, and performance transformations
Tomáš Karakolev
Senior ExpertPrague
Helps clients plan and execute M&A transactions, integrate targets, and build new, innovative companies and business models
Harriet Keane
PartnerNew York
Helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies deliver novel therapies to patients via portfolio strategy, development acceleration,...
Scott Keller
Senior PartnerSouthern California
Counsels Fortune 100 leadership teams on enterprise-level transformation, culture-change programs, top-team performance, and...
John Kelleher
RTS Senior PartnerToronto
Advises on recovery and transformation, drawing on experience as a CEO and private-equity executive to help clients in a range...
Eileen Kelly Rinaudo
Senior Knowledge Expert New York
Serves clients across industry sectors, helping them assess, plan, and execute strategic transactions
Hamza Khan
Partner London
Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in the UK and Ireland; leads digital and growth transformations in both B2C and B2B environments....
Alexander Klei
Leads our industrial sector in Switzerland and helps companies develop winning strategies, effectively manage and integrate M&A,...
Grace Klopcic
Advises financial-services companies looking to optimize their digital and analytics capabilities, and put in place innovative...
David G. Knott
Senior PartnerNew York
Leads the firm’s Center for US Health System Reform and Medicaid work, drawing on 30 years of experience with national and regional...
Jamie Koenig
PartnerNew York
Helps clients manage portfolios and maximize value through complex transactions such as spin-offs, divestitures, IPOs, and integrations...
Tom Kolaja
Coleads our activist response work in Europe and leads global clients undergoing transformation, managing through distress, or...
Tim Koller
Combines broad cross-sector experience with decades of service to clients in value creation, corporate strategy, capital-markets...
Asmus Komm
Unites diverse teams across the globe on their talent management, leadership, organization design, and change-management initiatives...
Jan Krause
Senior PartnerCologne
Serves multinational corporations and investors extensively in the field of corporate strategy and related corporate-finance...
Alejandro Krell
Senior PartnerSantiago
Supports large companies—mainly based in Chile—in shaping their strategy, building their operational excellence, and strengthening...
Alexander Kremer
Senior PartnerHouston
Advises energy companies on a range of areas such as digital transformation, strategic planning, performance improvement, and...
Harald Kube
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
Helps leading financial institutions and technology firms shape their strategy, improve operational performance, and transform...
Eric Kutcher
Senior Partner and CFOBay Area
Brings engineering and enterprise technology expertise to help tech and industrial companies achieve full potential
Mayowa Kuyoro
Leads our Financial Services Practice with a focus on banking, fintech, and payments, and also serves clients in the telecommunications...
Kevin Laczkowski
Senior PartnerChicago
Global coleader of the Automotive & Assembly Practice and part of the senior leadership team for the firm’s Strategy & Corporate...
Franck Laizet
Senior PartnerParis
Leads our work in the retail industry in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Hugues Lavandier
Senior PartnerParis
Advises energy, mining, and OEM companies on growth and portfolio strategies and evaluates corporate-finance opportunities; supports...
Dr. Edward Levine
Senior PartnerBay Area
Serves multiple national and regional hospital networks on frontline operations transformations for both clinical and nonclinical...
Cindy Levy
Senior PartnerLondon
Helps global financial firms on multiyear agendas related to strategy, transactions, organization, and risk governance and culture...
Jamie Littlejohns
Co-leads the firm’s private equity work in the healthcare sector in Europe and works with hospitals and healthcare service providers...
Alex Liu
Works closely with senior leadership teams on large-scale mergers and brings expertise in realizing revenue-based synergies
Chantal Lorbeer
Drives strategy, growth transformations, M&A, and diversity and inclusion in chemicals; partners with ambitious chemical-industry...
Sarah Lorenzana
Associate PartnerWashington DC
Supports clients in transforming healthcare to be simpler and more affordable, with a particular focus on experience improvement...
Emma Loxton
Works with companies across the travel and defense industries to build and deliver strategies and improve commercial performance...
Frithjof Norman Lund
Managing Partner and Senior PartnerOslo
Leads McKinsey Board Services, our global service line helping CEOs and boards of directors improve corporate governance, and...
Tobias Lundberg
Advises technology specialists, financial institutions, investors, and corporations on strategy, M&A, and value creation
Matthew Maloney
PartnerNew York
Works with investors and corporate clients to identify and assess investment and growth opportunities and improve company performance...
Tomasz Marciniak
Managing Partner for McKinsey in PolandWarsaw
Brings together the energy infrastructure and technology angles with hands-on execution and capability transfer experience
Clarisse Magnin-Mallez
Senior PartnerParis
Managing Partner of McKinsey in France. Leads our work in the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practices in Africa, Europe,...
Rachid Majiti
Senior PartnerDubai
A leader in McKinsey’s Global Energy Practice, serving major oil-and-gas players and utilities across the Middle East. Supports...
Dana Maor
Senior PartnerTel Aviv
Coheads the People & Organizational Performance Practice globally and leads it across Europe. Passionate about shaping organizations...
Kathleen Martens
Specializes in transformations and turnaround situations in retail and consumer goods across Europe, with a focus on strategy...
Carlos Pardo Martin
PartnerNew York
Helps health plan and services clients to bring innovations on areas of behavioral health, social determinants of health, and...
Robin Matthias
Advises asset managers, large insurers, and other institutional investors on strategic, operational, and risk challenges
Anna Mattsson
Globally recognized M&A strategy, merger management, and carve-out expert who helps companies achieve more impactful deal outcomes...
Thomas Meakin
Serves consumer-facing technology and media companies on challenging strategic and commercial issues; coleads the Technology,...
Alexandre Ménard
Senior PartnerParis
Alexandre coleads the Industry and Technology Practice in France.
David Meredith
Extensive experience in health-system development in emerging economies
Dr. Melvin Mezue
PartnerNew York
Advises healthcare organizations on performance improvement, operations, go-to-market strategy, and innovation to reduce healthcare...
Matthews Mmopi
Supports the leaders of biopharmaceuticals, generics, and animal-health companies to unlock enterprise-wide value creation and...
Lorenzo Moavero Milanesi
Senior PartnerMilan
Leader of our energy and materials work in the Mediterranean region; advises on strategy, performance improvement, and large-scale...
Manuel Möller
Focuses on digital and analytics along the entire healthcare value chain
Alex Morris
Leading innovation adviser to board members and senior executives seeking to de-risk and accelerate change
Jessica Moulton
Senior PartnerLondon
Helps multinational consumer-packaged-goods, retail, and food-service companies pursue strategic growth opportunities and strengthen...
Chris Mulligan
PartnerNew York
Coleads S&CF Insights, McKinsey’s center of competence for financial- and capital-market analysis, and leads two digital capabilities,...
Dr. Jörg Mußhoff
Senior PartnerBerlin
Coleads the firm’s global insurance work and leads the European insurance sector; advises executives and financial-services organizations...
Louis Muyldermans
Serves clients across a variety of sectors, focusing on driving strategic growth while enhancing change management and commercial...
Hasan Muzaffar
Senior Partner and Managing Partner Middle EastDubai
Helps leading conglomerates, sovereign, and principal investors shape corporate strategy, optimize investments, and strengthen...
Fadi Najjar
Advises financial/public-finance clients in the Middle East and North Africa on growth, turnaround strategies, end-to-end transformations,...
Dr. Mazen Ramsay Najjar
Senior Partner and Managing PartnerKuwait
Leads our Kuwait office as well as the Risk & Resilience Practice in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, is a member...
Vish Narayanan
PartnerNew York
Advises executives in the high-tech industry and private equity sponsors on investment strategy; including support on M&A, portfolio...
Steve Noble
Senior PartnerMinneapolis
Brings hands-on private-equity experience to identify and unlock new opportunities and build new capabilities across growth,...
Olivier Noterdaeme
Coleads QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company; serves clients in asset-heavy industries by leveraging advanced analytics
Robin Nuttall
Robin is a global leader in McKinsey’s ESG and Regulatory service line, and serves clients on these topics across a range of...
Sean O'Connell
PartnerNew York
Supports clients globally in corporate strategy, portfolio strategy, corporate finance, and M&A topics through his expertise...
Mieke Van Oostende
Senior PartnerBrussels
Serves clients in the financial-services sector, particularly on strategy, organization, and risk management, with a global reputation...
Nick Padgett
Advises private equity clients and their portfolio companies across the investment cycle, and leads McKinsey’s work in the tech...
Rajesh Parekh
Senior PartnerBay Area
Serves leading biopharmaceuticals and medical products companies on corporate strategy, R&D strategy and transformation, commercial...
Michael Park
Senior PartnerNew York
Coleads the People & Organizational Performance Practice and partners with leaders to shape strategy, improve performance, and...
Lucy Pérez
Senior PartnerBoston
Advises pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical-product companies, and healthcare providers in addressing strategic, organizational,...
Nils Peters
Senior PartnerZurich
Supports innovators in biopharmaceutical and medical devices with a broad range of challenges, from shaping portfolios to transforming...
Aleksander Petrov
Senior PartnerLondon
Leads our work in risk advanced analytics in Europe, bringing deep expertise to financial services institutions and corporate...
Marco Piccitto
Managing Partner, Mediterranean office, and McKinsey Global Institute DirectorMilan
Leads our Mediterranean office and global research. He advises leading European financial and industrial institutions on a broad...
Anna Pione
PartnerNew York
Helps companies and investors in the consumer health and wellness space develop and execute on commercial growth strategies
Nico Raabe
Leads the McKinsey Center for Government in Europe; supports large-scale transformations worldwide and advises companies and...
Istvan Rab
Associate PartnerBudapest
Leads our ecosystem strategy work globally, helping organizations build interconnected services to deepen relationships with...
Agesan Rajagopaul
Serves clients globally in the mining and electric-power sectors on a broad range of topics, from large corporate turnarounds...
Neil Rao
Senior PartnerSeattle
Advises health systems and healthcare-services entities on strategy and top-line performance topics, as well as private-equity...
Anders Rasmussen
Senior PartnerLondon
Brings expertise in corporate finance and risk management to oil and industrial companies, helping them prepare for growth and...
Werner Rehm
PartnerNew Jersey
Works at the intersection of strategy and finance with high tech, industrial, and pharmaceutical clients to identify and prioritize...
Gérard Richter
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
European Leader of McKinsey Digital Hubs and Build by McKinsey and Co-Leader of McKinsey Digital Europe
Laura Richter
Helps pharmaceutical and medical product companies grow, using the power of digital technologies
Stefan Rickert
Senior PartnerHamburg
Coleads our consumer M&A work globally, serving clients across a wide array of consumer industries and previously coled our global...
Pedro Rodeia
Senior PartnerLondon
Co-leads the Global Banking Practice. Works with financial institutions on a wide range of strategy, digital and organization...
Martin Rosendahl
Helps organizations capture the full potential of transformation, with a focus on process improvement, offshoring and outsourcing,...
Erik Roth
Senior PartnerStamford
A leading thinker and adviser on innovation-led growth, R&D, and marketing strategy
Nicolas Roth
Works with clients across industries on digital and core tech transformations; helps telecom, software, and IT-services companies...
Ilan Rozenkopf
Specializes in the aerospace and defense industry and is a leader of the Strategy and Corporate Finance Practice in France.
Jakob Ruden
Brings distinct expertise in finance and operations to support clients in executing and sustaining at-scale transformations
Jeff Rudnicki
Senior PartnerBoston
A leader in our global M&A strategy work who uses his experience to direct multiple client engagements, including more than 100...
August Runge
Advises leading corporates and investors in the infrastructure ecosystem on strategy, M&A, and value creation
Dawid Rychlik
Helps build and scale new businesses at speed, leveraging digital and analytics to drive growth
Gökhan Sari
Senior PartnerIstanbul
Leads our Financial Services and Risk Practices in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East
Valentina Sartori
Offers distinctive expertise in pharma R&D, helping clients to transform their organization, harness external innovation, and...
Dr. Karolina Sauer-Sidor
Advises telecommunications and technology companies on strategy, growth, go-to-market, digital, and transformation to help them...
Manu Saxena
Advises banks, private equity investors, and financial data, infrastructure, and technology providers globally with a focus on...
Markus Schmid
Helps retailers and consumer-facing industries digitize their cores and build winning omnichannel businesses
Thomas Schumacher
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Focuses on growth transformation and strategy engagements for internet marketplaces and media companies
Ishaan Seth
Senior PartnerNew York
Co-leads McKinsey’s Global Banking & Securities Practice and our work in North America. Ishaan works with clients across financial...
Emily Shao
PartnerBay Area
Pioneers the transition to the future of mobility, navigating organizations through disruptions in technology, business models,...
Namit Sharma
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Brings extensive experience in serving oil and gas companies around the world, with particular focus on strategy and capital...
Stuart Shilson
Senior PartnerLondon
Combines strategy expertise with government experience to support the senior leaders of a wide range of infrastructure-related...
Halldor Sigurdsson
Coleads our Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice at the global scale
Michael Silber
Senior PartnerNew York
Serves clients in life sciences and private equity and leads global social responsibility and ESG for McKinsey
Tobias Silberzahn
Has dedicated his career to advancing health and wellbeing. Serves healthcare and life sciences organizations with a focus on...
Beltrán Simó
Brings unparalleled expertise in telecommunications, emerging markets, and digital transformation
Virginia Simmons
Senior PartnerLondon
Virginia brings deep experience in supporting retailers, banks, and other customer-facing firms to drive growth, harness new...
Sebastian Sjöberg
Managing Partner and Senior PartnerStockholm
Advises principal investors and financial institutions on strategy, growth, organization, governance, and transactions, and is...
Erik Sjödin
Creates lasting transformations for leading companies across the construction value chain, with a focus on construction digitization...
Ole Christian Skjaker
Trusted expert in M&A, value-creation capturing, and corporate transformations; advises principal investors, private-equity owners...
Yves Slachmuylders
Supports mergers and other transactions by guiding end-to-end transformation journeys, including due diligence, management of...
Rodrigo Slelatt
Advises clients across a wide array of industries in their most complex and transformational M&A transactions; and coleads our...
Sven Smit
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Leads research on economic and business trends and works with companies to develop business strategies and transformations
Sander Smits
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Transforms operational performance and optimizes research and development for leading companies in the advanced industries sector...
Yermolai Solzhenitsyn
Senior PartnerShanghai
Guides companies via more than two decades of experience in the metals, mining, energy, and transportation industries with a...
François Soubien
François Soubien works in the manufacturing and packaged-goods sectors, advising clients on the development and implementation...
Gisa Springer
Co-leads McKinsey's work in Green Business Building (GBB) in Europe, bringing deep expertise in strategy, corporate ventures,...
Alexey Starygin
Supports financial institutions, telecommunications companies, and the public sector in holistic transformation, strategy development,...
Natasha Stern
Works with clients in the private and public sectors on strategy, performance transformation, and deploying the power of digital...
Hans-Martin Stockmeier
Senior PartnerDubai
Leverages deep expertise to help financial institutions, family-owned businesses, and clients in consumer-facing industries transform...
Ben Stretch
Leads McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Australia and New Zealand, counselling senior executives on strategy,...
Kurt Strovink
Senior PartnerNew York
Coleads our global CEO Initiative to help build great CEOs and CEO counselors; serves life insurance, asset and wealth management,...
Dale Swartz
PartnerBay Area - Silicon Valley
Works with startups, investors, and large organizations on growth strategy, business building, and geopolitical resilience in...
Abdur-Rahim Syed
A core leader in our technology and innovation work, serving private-sector companies, governments, and investors in the Middle...
Christian Therkelsen
Shapes value-creation agendas and drives performance transformations with clients in the energy and basic-materials sectors
Alexander Thiel
Helps leading consumer-goods, apparel, fashion, and luxury companies as well as retailers transform organizations to capture...
John Tiefel
Senior PartnerZurich
Helps leading consumer, retail, and telecommunications companies transform their organization, push growth, and achieve higher...
Madeleine Tjon Pian Gi
Helps consumer-facing businesses and private equity investors pursue strategic growth opportunities and accelerate value creation...
Virginie Vitoux
Expert Associate PartnerBerlin
Drives management and leadership transformation in service operations, drawing on more than 10 years of experience in large-scale...
Ulrich Weihe
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
Provides guidance on Strategy, M&A, Restructuring and Transformation, R&D and Merger Management for chemical, biotech and process...
Eric Wiebes
Helps clients accelerate decarbonization in an economically responsible manner; brings extensive knowledge on a range of sustainability,...
Raffael Winter
Supports energy clients in mature and emerging utility markets on growth, portfolio strategy, transactions, and other strategic...
Liz Wol
PartnerNew York
Coleads McKinsey's research and client service teams for healthcare M&A, strategy, and corporate finance globally
Thomas Vahlenkamp
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Advises clients on corporate strategy, organization, operational transformation, energy trading, risk management, and capital-expenditure...
Fransje van der Marel
Senior PartnerAmsterdam
Drives sustainable resilient growth at energy, chemicals and industrial companies
Maarten van der Velden
Leads our Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Southeast Asia, drawing on deep expertise in private equity to support clients...
Xavier Veillard
Brings deep expertise in the LNG, gas, and power sectors to advise leading utilities, industrial companies, and others on strategy,...
Andreas Venus
Senior PartnerBerlin
Serves as managing partner of our Berlin office; leads the data and analytics work for automotive and industrial clients in Europe...
Nithya Vinjamoori
Helps healthcare providers grow and strengthen performance across the care continuum; leads our work with pre- and post-acute...
Felix Wenger
Senior PartnerZurich
Advises Europe’s leading banks on corporate and investment banking, wealth management, and financial markets
Holger Wilms
PartnerWashington DC
Works with private and public financial institutions in the Americas, Europe, and Africa on strategy, operations, organization,...
Markus Wilthaner
Passionate about building businesses in hydrogen and batteries, working with industry leaders, start-ups, and public institutions...
Dr. Martin Wrulich
Senior PartnerVienna
Delivers innovation and strategy expertise for telecommunications and high-tech companies around the world
Igor Yasenovets
Senior PartnerNew York
Helps banking clients drive large scale change through business model reinvention and M&A
Leda Zaharieva
Advises insurers, wealth managers, and private equity and principal investors in the UK and Continental Europe, with extensive...
Christian Zahn
Partner at McKinsey & Company; Leader of Swiss Banking and Insurance practice and Co-leader of European Wealth & Asset Management practiceZurich
Combines deep knowledge and first-hand expertise across asset and wealth management, corporate and investment banking, as well...
Stefano Zerbi
Senior PartnerMilan
Leads our work around commercial transformation in the Retail Practice in Europe and has vast experience in driving growth via...
Benedikt Zeumer
A leading global expert on base metals, advises and supports businesses across the value chain of the steel, aluminum, and copper...
Yolanda Zonno
Works with companies in the banking and insurance sectors defining and executing business transformation programs enabled by...
Jill Zucker
Senior PartnerNew York
Brings a unique perspective to help clients anticipate the changing needs of consumers in financial services and adjacent markets...