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Sven Blumberg

Senior PartnerIstanbul

Serves financial institutions across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on operations and technology, with a focus on large-scale technology transformations, digital platforms, enterprise architecture, and IT modernization

Sven leads McKinsey Digital in Turkey and McKinsey Technology across Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Sven has worked extensively in the financial industries across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, helping banks address operations and technology questions. With his focus on successfully managing technology transformations, he has set up digital platforms, improved clients’ enterprise architecture, and led IT-modernization programs.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • leading a three-year holistic IT and business transformation, including agile, cloud, next-generation architecture, process, and product optimization, of a leading multicountry banking group in the Middle East
  • working for one of the largest banks in the Middle East to drive a five-year program on IT modernization and process digitization
  • advising the largest multicountry banking group in Africa during a four-year IT-performance transformation and greenfield-business building
  • leading programs on core banking replacement and IT modernization for one of the largest banks in Europe as part of a multicountry rollout of a core banking platform
  • supporting a postmerger transformation program on IT and operations, including migration of the core banking system, for two of the largest banks in the Middle East

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University of Wuppertal
PhD, mathematics and computer science