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Renny Thomas

Senior Partner, Mumbai
Leads McKinsey’s banking work across Asia–Pacific and supports the rapid growth of Asia's banking sector, helping build new institutions from...

Somesh Khanna

Senior Partner, New York
Coleads McKinsey’s global banking and securities practice and leads high-impact digital transformations, helping companies improve performance,...

Gökhan Sari

Senior Partner, Istanbul
Leads our Financial Services and Risk Practices in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East

Alexandre Sawaya

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Financial Institutions and Risk & Resilience Practices in Latin America

Marcus Sieberer

Senior Partner, Zurich
Advises financial-services companies, payments providers, private-equity firms, and the public sector on corporate governance, strategy, enterprise...

Kurt Strovink

Senior Partner, New York
Leads our insurance work globally, serving life insurance, wealth management, and property and casualty insurance companies on strategy, corporate...

Featured capabilities


Improves a bank's operational performance and financial metrics by benchmarking process efficiency, sales performance, and high-level strategy


We work with our clients to build custom solutions that combine deep industry expertise, quantitative analytics, and research, while helping them build capabilities needed for long-term success.

GCI Analytics

GCI Analytics helps transform portfolio strategies and uncover revenue opportunities across the entire customer lifecycle.


Helps organizations define their strategy by identifying opportunities, improving financial planning, and benchmarking performances.

Performance Lens

Performance Lens is a McKinsey solution that helps asset managers make better strategic, operational, and organizational decisions using fact-based, actionable insights.


Data-driven insights for wealth management advisors and executives


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Short takes on critical topics for leaders in banking, securities and beyond.

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