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McKinsey’s Global Banking Annual Review

– Updated annually, our Global Banking Annual Review offers the best of our research and insights into the global banking industry. Explore the findings from our most recent report and scroll for past years’ reports.

Moving to a user-first, omnichannel approach

– As new digital players and ecosystems converge to offer basic insurance products, carriers need to evolve their digital capabilities and online user experiences to remain relevant and competitive.

How insurance can help combat climate change

– In the transition to a green economy, the insurance industry can play a critical role in helping stakeholders manage risk.

How quantum computing could change financial services

– Fully scaled quantum technology is still a way off, but some banks are already thinking ahead to the potential value.

North American wealth management: Money in motion, but not always to the bottom line

– We learned from the last crisis that companies were not rewarded for standing still and waiting. Wealth managers will need to be fast, bold, and agile to succeed.

How US customers’ attitudes to fintech are shifting during the pandemic

– Recent surveys of US consumers reveal some shifting attitudes towards banks and fintechs after more than six months of the COVID-19 crisis.

North American asset management: A year of shocks but few surprises

– The events of 2020 shook the industry, but a rebound followed. Forward-looking firms will now take stock of what has changed and what has not in a new operating environment.

The growth chessboard: How leaders fuel profitable growth in insurance

– We examined the performance of 46 insurers around the globe to identify the behaviors that the outperformers share.

‘Keep it simple’: Aditya Puri on HDFC Bank’s path to market leadership

– The recently retired founder–CEO of India’s highest-valued financial institution reflects on how customer-focused innovation and disciplined risk management led to strong performance.

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Banking & Securities matters

Short takes on critical topics for leaders in banking, securities and beyond.

Insurance insights that matter

Short insights on topics that matter to leaders in the global insurance industry.


Annual Global Payments Outlook
Global Transaction Banking to 2030 – what the next decade may bring

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Next-gen technology transformation in financial services

– A road map for technology innovation, tech productivity, and platform modernization.

Digital disruption in insurance: Cutting through the noise

Digital insurance in 2018: Driving real impact with digital and analytics. Highlights from articles this year show the progress... that has been made in reinventing the insurance landscape—and suggest more disruption to come.

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The next S-curve in model risk management

– How banks can drive transformations of the model life cycle in a highly uncertain business landscape.

Accelerating hybrid-cloud adoption in banking and securities

– By overcoming common myths and challenges about cloud, banks can accelerate their adoption of cloud to capture its full benefits.

Charting retail banking revenues by generation

– The global banking industry is facing a long winter, and in the coming months and perhaps years, the COVID-19 pandemic's impact... will present banks with many challenges.

Africa’s insurance market is set for takeoff

– Five strategic considerations to help guide insurance companies on their journey to success in Africa.

A credit lifeline: How banks can serve SMEs in South Africa better

– Small and medium-size enterprises are crucial to the economy in South Africa, and optimal support is needed to ensure their recovery... and growth into the next normal

Claims 2030: A talent strategy for the future of insurance claims

– Digitization is reshaping the workforce of insurance claims organizations, demanding new roles and skills. Creating a digital... talent strategy is key to leading in this new context.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How COVID-19 is redefining the next-normal operating model

– With everything disrupted, going back to the same old thing is a losing strategy. The strongest companies are reinventing themselves... by embracing pandemic-driven change.

Future of insurance: Unleashing growth through new business building

– To compete with digital players, traditional insurers should consider building their own new digital businesses. Markers across... four critical areas can show if insurers are on track.

The future of European payments: Strategic choices for banks

– A joint report from McKinsey and the Euro Banking Association examines the options for banks in a changing landscape.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

‘An environment where everybody can thrive’: A conversation with U.S. Bank’s Tim Welsh

– The vice chairman for consumer and business banking at the fifth-largest bank in the United States describes how setting an environment... of mission, purpose, and individual generosity is central to building capabilities that achieve strategic outcomes.

Climate change and P&C insurance: The threat and opportunity

– Many in the property and casualty insurance industry have underestimated the immediacy of physical—and systemic—effects... from climate change. Business models must adapt.
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