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The future of European payments: Strategic choices for banks

– A joint report from McKinsey and the Euro Banking Association examines the options for banks in a changing landscape.

The Tapestry of Financial Attitudes

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on financial well-being across 11 countries. 

Climate change and P&C insurance: The threat and opportunity

– Many in the property and casualty insurance industry have underestimated the immediacy of physical—and systemic—effects from climate change. Business models must adapt.

The next frontier in Asia payments

– Five fundamental themes are reshaping Asia’s payments landscape, requiring a swift response—and in some cases, self-reinvention—from players across the value chain.

Creating value in US insurance investing

– Despite market complexity, many opportunities exist for private equity players to create value in insurance. We studied the US industry and offer a set of investment recommendations to guide PE firms’ decisions.

Insurers must rethink the SME segment: Lessons from the United Kingdom

– UK small and medium-size enterprises are facing the recovery with a new set of needs. Insurers that can adapt their offerings could seize a sterling opportunity.

Tackling the performance challenge in regional capital markets businesses

– Small capital markets businesses have been insulated against many of the troubles affecting their larger competitors. Now things are getting tougher.

Insurance strategy in Asia: Using programmatic M&A during the pandemic

– Few insurers thrive by relying solely on organic growth. Insurers operating in Asia must make M&A and other forms of inorganic growth strategic priorities.

Reimagining customer engagement for the AI bank of the future

– Banks can meet rising customer expectations by applying AI to offer intelligent propositions and smart servicing that can seamlessly embed in partner ecosystems.

Explore all of McKinsey’s perspectives on COVID-19 for Banking and Securities

Banking & Securities matters

Short takes on critical topics for leaders in banking, securities and beyond.

Insurance insights that matter

Short insights on topics that matter to leaders in the global insurance industry.


Annual Global Payments Outlook
Global Transaction Banking to 2030 – what the next decade may bring

Featured publications


Next-gen technology transformation in financial services

– A road map for technology innovation, tech productivity, and platform modernization.

Digital disruption in insurance: Cutting through the noise

Digital insurance in 2018: Driving real impact with digital and analytics. Highlights from articles this year show the progress... that has been made in reinventing the insurance landscape—and suggest more disruption to come.

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Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

‘An environment where everybody can thrive’: A conversation with U.S. Bank’s Tim Welsh

– The vice chairman for consumer and business banking at the fifth-largest bank in the United States describes how setting an environment... of mission, purpose, and individual generosity is central to building capabilities that achieve strategic outcomes.

Resilience in a crisis: An interview with Professor Edward I. Altman

– One of the leading researchers in corporate financial health discusses what executives can do to help their companies endure the... financial stresses of crisis times.

The future of payments is frictionless—now more than ever

– Amrita Ahuja, the CFO of Square, explains how the company’s payment platform and services have helped small enterprises... stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Using ecosystems to reach higher: An interview with the co-CEO of Ping An

– Expect digital to further blur industry lines, supercharge scalability, and loosen geographical restraints for professional services,... says Jessica Tan.

Are scenarios limiting your pandemic recovery strategy?

– Parametric analysis can help finance chiefs expand their views of important variables for planning and decision making.

Beyond COVID-19: Charting the road to recovery for South African insurers

– Seven big moves could help insurers navigate the crisis and thrive in the long term.

Applying machine learning in capital markets: Pricing, valuation adjustments, and market risk

– By enhancing crisis-challenged financial models with machine-learning techniques such as neural networks, banks can emerge stronger... from the present crisis.

Insurance productivity 2030: Reimagining the insurer for the future

– The pandemic has created significant challenges for insurers and sped their digital shift. To stay competitive, carriers will... need to radically transform their operating models and cost structures.

Wall Street versus Main Street: Why the disconnect?

– Despite turmoil in the real economy, the US stock market remains resilient because of three critical factors: the basis of valuations,... the market’s composition, and investors’ expectations.

Cybersecurity: Emerging challenges and solutions for the boards of financial-services companies

– Mature boards are making themselves valuable partners for management in the effort to make firms more resilient.

Accelerating winds of change in global payments

– The COVID-19 crisis is having a significant and widespread effect on global payments across sectors. The most striking and potentially... lasting impact is an accelerating pace of change in the industry.
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