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How payments can adjust to the coronavirus pandemic—and help the world adapt

– The challenges are immediate, with long-term implications for global, regional, and local economies—and for the payments... industry itself. Here’s what to expect.

McKinsey on Payments 30

– Covering trends and opportunities in the world of payments, worldwide.
Blog Post

US lending at point of sale: The next frontier of growth

– Growth in US POS financing has accelerated; traditional lenders can use one or more of five business models to get in the game.
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Are convenience and rewards leading to a digital flashpoint?

– Insights from McKinsey’s Digital Payments Survey

Tracking the sources of robust payments growth: McKinsey Global Payments Report

– Robust growth in global payments continues to attract new and nontraditional competitors. For both incumbents and challengers,... finding the rich seams requires looking beyond headline numbers into regional and segment details.

Global transaction banking: The $1 trillion question

– Market disruption in the once sleepy global transaction banking industry is increasing. New survey results reveal how banking... leaders are planning for change.

A perspective on German payments

– For German banks, payments are a key revenue source and a connection to customers. A changing market landscape could challenge... that position.

Flushing out the money launderers with better customer risk-rating models

– Dramatically improve detection rates by simplifying model architecture, fixing underlying data, and using machine-learning algorithms... to identify high-risk behavior.

Blockchain’s Occam problem

– Blockchain has yet to become the game-changer some expected. A key to finding the value is to apply the technology only when it... is the simplest solution available.

Global payments: Expansive growth, targeted opportunities

– Robust growth makes payments a dynamic sector for incumbents—and a draw for new competitors.

A vision for the future of cross-border payments

– Alternative solutions and new competitors are upending the industry’s fundamentals.
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