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European consumer finance: Moving to a “next normal”

– For providers of consumer finance, there are crucial near-term moves and those that respond to likely longer-term shifts in customer... behavior. Both are equally important.

How the COVID-19 crisis may affect electronic payments in Africa

– Beyond securing the health and safety of Africa’s people, governments and their partners must find a way back to growth and restore... businesses and incomes. Africa’s payments industry has a key role.
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Bill payment trends in the United States

– A look at how US financial decision makers are paying bills and their plans for spending government support funds during the COVID-19... crisis.

How payments can adjust to the coronavirus pandemic—and help the world adapt

– The challenges are immediate, with long-term implications for global, regional, and local economies—and for the payments... industry itself. Here’s what to expect.

McKinsey on Payments 30

– Covering trends and opportunities in the world of payments, worldwide.
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Digital commerce and the rise of alternative payments methods

– Digital commerce is driving the rise of alternative payments globally – with quite di­fferent outcomes across regions
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US lending at point of sale: The next frontier of growth

– Growth in US POS financing has accelerated; traditional lenders can use one or more of five business models to get in the game.
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Are convenience and rewards leading to a digital flashpoint?

– Insights from McKinsey’s Digital Payments Survey

What next for US credit-card debt?

– By taking care of customers, lenders can help reduce the severity of the looming economic crisis and build deeper relationships... that will endure through the cycle.
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A strategy for a new normal in European payments: An interview with Worldline CEO Gilles Grapinet

– Earlier this year the McKinsey on Payments team met with the CEO of Worldline, to discuss the future of the payments-processing... industry in the time of COVID-19.

Tracking the sources of robust payments growth: McKinsey Global Payments Report

– Robust growth in global payments continues to attract new and nontraditional competitors. For both incumbents and challengers,... finding the rich seams requires looking beyond headline numbers into regional and segment details.
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