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Four imperatives for the next-generation legal department

– The legal ecosystem is dramatically different today, so legal departments must change as well. A set of four imperatives can guide planning of the department’s new priorities, structure, and talent.



2022: The year in charts

– Here’s a look back at some of our favorite data visualizations from the year.

2022: The year in images

– Reflecting on the past year sheds light on pivotal moments and forges the path toward a resilient future.

2022: The year in innovation

– After two years of pushing beyond the traditional article and toward more engaging, accessible, and interactive forms of storytelling... for some of our highest-priority insights, we offer this new year-end wrap-up of our adventures in innovative publishing.

2023 McKinsey China Consumer Report: A Time of Resilience

– Five trends are reshaping China’s consumer market.

The board’s role in building resilience

– Boards of directors can help executive teams build the foresight, response, and adaptation capabilities they need to manage future... shocks.

A dividend paid in years: Getting more health from each dollar of wealth

– Higher income per capita is correlated with longer lifespans, but about half of the significant improvement in life expectancy... globally over 20 years is explained by health innovation effects—better health for the same amount of income.

A miracle of widespread progress: A 20-year journey of health and income

– By 2019 3.5 billion people, close to half of the world’s population, lived in microregions with living standards equivalent... to the top 21 percent in 2000.
Video - Metaverse Talks

Building a creator economy

– Marc Petit, Vice President of Unreal Engine Ecosystem at Epic Games, is optimistic about the promise of the metaverse, which he... says will depend on real-time streaming of interactive, 3D content. An edited version of the conversation from our ‘Value creation in the metaverse’ report follows.

China times two: The worldwide spread of progress

– Among the 2 billion people in microregions that newly achieved high living standards over the past 20 years, 1.1 billion lived... in China—and almost a billion more lived in microregions spread across 75 countries.

Effective employee resource groups are key to inclusion at work. Here’s how to get them right

– By aligning their work with corporate and employee expectations, employee resource groups can help people feel more included in... the workplace.

How retailers in Europe can navigate rising inflation

– With inflation at record highs throughout Europe, retailers are under more pressure than ever. Those that act quickly and follow... a holistic playbook can be well positioned to thrive.
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