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Four imperatives for the next-generation legal department

– The legal ecosystem is dramatically different today, so legal departments must change as well. A set of four imperatives can guide planning of the department’s new priorities, structure, and talent.


Podcast - The McKinsey Podcast

A new itinerary for the tourism industry

– Consumers of all ages, from different parts of the globe, are prioritizing travel. Here’s what providers should know to tailor... experiences in ways that will attract and delight today’s tourists.

Scott Johnston on designing and building scalable platforms

– Scott Johnston, CEO of Docker, discusses how to design and build scalable platforms and find the right balance between standardization... and flexibility to empower developers.

What is circularity?

– Circularity refers to practices that optimize resource use and minimize waste across the entire production and consumption cycle,... emphasizing sustainability and economic efficiency.

After the surge: Tien‑Tsin Huang on the future of payments

– The payments sector equity analyst discusses the industry’s evolution in the context of dwindling cash-to-card conversion,... technological advances, and tighter credit markets.
Executive Briefing

Insights to Impact: A weekly briefing on creating sustainable and inclusive growth

– How can gen AI help farmers feed the world? Our weekly digest explores that topic and more.

Revolutionizing procurement: Leveraging data and AI for strategic advantage

– Analytics and AI are transforming the way procurement functions work. But most CPOs don’t feel ready for the data-driven... revolution.

Managing the risks around generative AI

– The transformational technology will require every member of an organization to be a risk professional.

Tech services and generative AI: Plotting the necessary reinvention

– The rapid emergence of generative AI has the potential to disrupt a dynamic the sector has relied on for decades, but it also... offers an opportunity to tap a lucrative new market.

Unlocking the power of price transparency data

– Is the future of healthcare consumer-centric?

What it takes to rewire a CPG company to outcompete in digital and AI

– Answering six specific questions holds the key to successful digital and AI transformations for CPG companies.
McKinsey Direct

Commercial capabilities: A predictor of growth for medtech companies

– Medtech companies can achieve above-market growth and margin expansion by upping their ‘Commercial Quotient’ through... investing in basic, omnichannel, and ecosystem selling capabilities.
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