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A call for radical transformation in Western European private banking

– In 2016, Western Europe’s private banking industry turned in a disappointing performance in terms of both growth in assets... under management (AUM) and profitability.

The state of retail wealth management report

– The state of retail wealth management report 2016 examines the trends in the wealth management industry and the factors behind... those trends.

A brave new world for global banking

– Our annual global banking review finds that a weak global economy, digitization, and regulation threaten the industry’s... near-term profitability.

Thriving in the new abnormal: North American asset management

– The North American asset management industry is on the brink of a once-in-a-generation shift in competitive dynamics, due to the... convergence of five trends that may be unprecedented in their joint impact. To win in the new environment, firms will need to transform their operating models across a number of dimensions.

How wealth managers can transform for the digital age

– Wealth-management incumbents can meet digital disruption head on by understanding core changes in their industry—and focusing... on what really matters in a digital transformation.

European Private Banking Survey 2016 – Ascending against strong headwinds

– Favorable high-level results in Europe’s private banking sector cannot mask the market forces—including regulatory... factors, heightened client expectations and digital disruption—that continue to create headwinds for the industry. To excel in this environment, private banks may need to push the traditional boundaries of the operating model.

Navigating the shifting terrain of North American asset management

– Fundamental shifts in client demand, product innovation, distribution, technology and regulation are reshaping the terrain of... North American asset management and will require asset managers to rethink their traditional operating models. The industry is at an inflection point on a number of these dimensions, and the next five years represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity for firms to position themselves for lasting success.

European private banking survey 2015: Fundamental changes behind the scenes

– In 2014, for the fifth consecutive year, the private banking sector in Western Europe reported a growth in absolute profits. However,... the growth should not mask the fact that the industry’s profit margin has stayed roughly flat over the past five years as revenue margins have remained under continuous pressure and cost reduction efforts have failed to make meaningful inroads.

Managing mergers: A conversation with Rob Leary

– The president of TIAA-CREF Asset Management talks about why the industry is likely to see more tie-ups, how to prepare for big... deals, and why finding growth depends on what you’re good at.

New heights demand increasing agility: Global asset management overview

– The global asset management industry had a record year in 2014. However, asset management firms will need to develop greater agility... if they are to maintain leading positions through the next economic cycle.

The virtual financial advisor: Delivering personalized advice in the digital age

– Pioneering firms are quickly building execution expertise in delivering remote advice, starting to attract new clients and reaping... cost-advantages through the use of advice centers.