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Digital and Analytics

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How digital collaboration helps banks serve customers better

– Banks can improve productivity by making it easier for people to work together in a digital context.

Next-gen technology transformation in financial services

– A road map for technology innovation, tech productivity, and platform modernization.
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Core systems strategy for banks

– Next-gen cloud-based core banking systems are gaining traction and have the potential to become alternatives to traditional core... banking systems.

A new management science for technology delivery

– Data and analytics can drive continuous improvement, enable better-informed resourcing decisions, and provide insight into supply... and demand factors affecting technology investments.
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Digital and analytics: The next horizon in Middle East corporate banking

– Impending structural shifts will demand changes in how corporate banks in the region operate.
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Becoming one of Georgia’s first agile banks

In an interview with McKinsey, Bank of Georgia deputy CEO and CIO Vakhtang Bobokhidze talks about... the challenges and rewards of fast-tracking an agile implementation.
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Becoming more than a bank: Digital transformation at DBS

– In an interview with McKinsey’s Joydeep Sengupta, Chng Sok Hui, Chief Financial Officer of DBS, discusses how mindsets and... culture are just as important as technology for a digital-forward bank.
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Ten lessons for building a winning retail and small-business digital lending franchise

– Incumbents and fintechs alike have just begun scratching the surface of the digital lending opportunity.
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Transforming banks’ IT productivity

– Banks need highly efficient IT delivery models to meet the challenges of digital disruption and control costs.
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A discussion on Agile in banking: Beyond buzzwords

– Recently, a group of McKinsey agile experts gathered on a panel to share their perspectives on agile in the banking industry.... The members of this global group, hailing from cities from Moscow to Boston, and several in between, spoke directly from their experiences working with companies to capture the true spirit—and the full potential—of the agile approach. The following article is an edited transcript of the discussion.
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