Global Insurance Report 2023

A protection gap looms over both P&C and life insurance. What do leading insurers need to know heading into 2023 and beyond? Published in three chapters—life, commercial P&C, and personal lines P&C—McKinsey’s Global Insurance Report 2023 offers a new level of granularity and precision of recommendations for how insurers can accelerate growth and exceed performance targets.

Global Insurance Report 2023

Closing the personal P&C protection gap

– Despite overall growth, personal P&C lines are losing market relevance and facing a growing protection gap, with a clear dichotomy between local winners and losers. What’s next?

Expanding commercial P&C’s market relevance

– The nature of risk is evolving faster than ever. Commercial carriers must step up to fulfill the societal desire for resilience in a volatile world by closing protection gaps—or risk losing relevance.

Reimagining life insurance

– The global life insurance industry is facing an inflection point. A fundamental reimagination will usher in significant change.