Managing financial crime risk in digital payments

– To face down the financial-crime threat, payments service providers can learn from banks while utilizing their own advanced technological... skills.

NatWest Chairman Sir Howard Davies on operational resilience in banking

– Sir Howard Davies discusses the ways regulations, interest rates, monetary policy, climate risk, and economic threats are affecting... the resilience of the banking system.
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It’s time for US bank boards to reassess their effectiveness for risk management and regulatory compliance

– The Federal Reserve’s recent guidance on board effectiveness should prompt US bank boards and the senior managers who engage... them to identify areas for enhancement.

A 2021 risk agenda for boards of directors at US banks

– The risks facing banks are likely to intensify in three key areas in 2021. Boards of directors can help their institutions get... ready to manage the changing risk environment.
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A KYC–AML utility: Driving scale, efficiency, and effectiveness

– By creating an effective utility, banks can better solve their rising KYC – AML challenges — at lower cost.

Aligning portfolios with climate goals: A new approach for financial institutions

– Portfolio-alignment tools will help financial institutions chart more scientifically robust, realistic, and profitable climate... strategies.
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From strength to strength: The AML industry in 2019

– Highlights from the speeches at the podium and the backroom conversations at ACAMS, a leading anti–money laundering industry... conference.
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Making your KYC remediation efforts risk and value-based

– Banks are sitting on large know-your-customer (KYC) and due diligence backlogs. Four steps can cut them quickly and improve the... customer experience by ensuring remediation efforts are better aligned with business value and the potential risks each customer poses.
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Network analytics and the fight against money laundering

– Network analytics has the potential to significantly improve the effectiveness of AML programs. But banks need the right external... data sources and network science capabilities, and deep subject matter expertise, to get the benefits.
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Why AML should be a top priority for financial institutions

– A look at innovation in addressing the anti-money laundering challenge.
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CCAR regulatory uncertainty remains while new requirements loom

– Perspectives from McKinsey’s Annual Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) Roundtable
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