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State of property and casualty insurance 2020

– P&C represents about one-third of premiums in the insurance industry—yet it has been losing relevance for years. Six market-shaping forces are the key to its reinvention.

Reaching the next normal of insurance core technology

– Now more than ever, insurers are focusing on reimagining the role of technology, reinventing technology delivery, and future-proofing... the foundation of core technology. Twelve articles dive deep into the what, why, and how.

Top ten myths of technology modernization in insurance

– Many insurers have experienced unsuccessful tech modernization efforts. To reverse this trend, insurers need to first become aware... of common misconceptions—and then address them head-on.

What insurers can learn from China’s continuing COVID-19 recovery

– A recent McKinsey survey of Chinese agents offers insights into how COVID-19 has affected the Chinese insurance industry and what... insurers can do moving forward.

How insurance can prepare for the next distribution model

– As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, it will continue to affect insurance distribution around the world. Insurers can prepare by building... a strategy focused on near- and long-term implications.

Restore and reimagine: Digital and analytics imperatives for insurers

– As the world recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, insurers should invest in digital and analytics capabilities that will make them... more customer-centric, simple, tech driven—and competitive.

How Indian insurance companies can respond to coronavirus

– To navigate the next normal, Indian insurers must consider the potential recovery scenarios and act quickly and decisively.

How North American claims organizations can respond to the coronavirus

– Claims leaders have to take action to manage uncertainty and prepare for the future—here is where to start.

Insurance resilience in a rapidly changing coronavirus world

– In times of uncertainty, carriers can pursue resilience through a staged approach to stabilizing, reimagining, and transforming... operations.

US insurance market trends during the pandemic

– Policygenius CEO Jennifer Fitzgerald shares insights on how the industry is managing risk and safeguarding consumers in the midst... of the COVID-19 crisis.

How the coronavirus could change US personal auto insurance

– The COVID-19 pandemic could cause structural changes. Understanding the range of scenarios can help carriers plan for an uncertain... future.

Coronavirus response: Short- and long-term actions for P&C insurers

– The COVID-19 pandemic brings unique challenges to commercial, specialty, and personal lines insurance. Several actions can help... companies navigate the crisis.
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