Global insurance insights: An overview of recent trends in life, P&C, and health

– The following article is an extract from the annual white paper of the McKinsey Global Insurance Pools team. The report describes global trends in the insurance industry, leveraging the McKinsey Global Insurance Pools database.

Insurance 2030—The impact of AI on the future of insurance

– The industry is on the verge of a seismic, tech-driven shift. A focus on four areas can position carriers to embrace this change.

Claims in the digital age: How insurers can get started

– Attackers are transforming the competitive landscape and elevating customer expectations, so insurance companies must integrate... digital technologies into their operations to keep pace. Claims should be a top priority.

Evolving insurance cost structures

– How incumbents can adapt and save to remain competitive in the digital age.

Insurance beyond digital: The rise of ecosystems and platforms

– Insurance companies have the opportunity to create new sources of revenue by rethinking their traditional roles and adopting an... ecosystem mind-set.

Insuring hurricanes: Perspectives, gaps, and opportunities after 2017

– A year marked by several devastating hurricanes raises fundamental strategic questions about the readiness of the United States... for the next decade of large-scale catastrophes.

Unlocking the next horizon of growth in the life insurance industry

– The industry’s growth has been flagging—but better serving mass-market and middle-market consumers could add $10 billion... in annual premiums.

Global reinsurance: Fit for the future?

– There are many opportunities for the reinsurance industry to maintain and increase its relevance, as new risks grow in importance... and global macroeconomic conditions become more complex.
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What the new world of insurance could look like

– From a customer’s standpoint, few industries are as ripe for disruption as insurance.

Raising returns on analytics investments in insurance

– In an era of narrow margins and slow growth, insurers’ need to invest in analytics has never been greater. A few thoughtful... initiatives can accelerate the analytics journey.

Automation at scale is driving transformative change across insurance

– Advances in robotics, cognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are ushering in a new era of automation. Machines... can now match or outperform humans across a range of activities in a number of industries, including insurance.
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