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Creating an inclusive environment in insurance

– As one of the most diverse sectors for entry-level workers, the insurance industry has a unique opportunity to help marginalized people advance. It starts with creating an inclusive environment.

What P&C insurers can do as claims inflation pressures results in Europe

– Claims executives can use a structured approach that includes transparent tracking, tactics, and strategic actions to tackle claims... inflation in the short term and in the future.

Global Insurance Report 2023: Reimagining life insurance

– The global life insurance industry is facing an inflection point. A fundamental reimagination will usher in significant change.

Grow or exit? Overcoming the scale trap in life insurance closed books

– The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges for insurers in continental Europe. M&A deals with closed-book players can... help insurers continue to create value.

US workplace benefits: Connecting health, wealth, and wellness

– Who will crack the code and create an integrated experience in the employer-sponsored benefits ecosystem?

Connected revolution: The future of US auto insurance

– Autonomous mobility has the potential to dramatically transform the automotive insurance market, from underwriting to claims and... beyond.

Climate and insurance: How carriers are preparing for a net-zero future

– Decarbonization means a new risk landscape and new strategic skill sets for insurers. McKinsey subject matter experts from around... the world discuss the shifts they’re seeing and the road ahead.

Capturing the climate opportunity in insurance

– The world’s transition to net-zero emissions will cost trillions of dollars and present new kinds of risks. Here’s... the role insurers can play.

Claims 2030: Embracing the future

– As technological change accelerates and customer preferences diverge, the future of claims organizations centers on four key trends.

What every insurance leader should know about cloud

– Successful cloud migrations depend on knowing where the value for insurance lies in cloud and on business and IT working together.

Insurance MGAs: Opportunities and considerations for investors

– Managing general agents (MGAs) fill key roles in the insurance distribution chain. The more informed investors are about how MGAs... function, the better they can recognize opportunities.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

Investing in—and with—Black consumers in financial services

– Financial-services companies—specifically in banking and insurance—have an opportunity to address equity and gain... commercial benefits by better serving Black consumers.
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McKinsey Insurance leaders and other experts help you navigate the challenges of a fast-changing insurance landscape and inspire... you to reimagine the insurance industry of the future.
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