Data-driven insights for wealth management advisors and executives

PriceMetrix helps wealth management firms elevate their businesses across hundreds of dimensions using the world’s largest retail wealth-management dataset.
PriceMetrix combines the power of industry data and advanced business intelligence into one integrated platform. Financial advisors and wealth management firms partner with us to improve productivity, client experience, and decision-making, while identifying and pursuing growth opportunities. We provide instant visibility into industry best practices, ensuring clients have access to the best available information to help them build a healthy, growing wealth management practice. 

How we help clients

Practice management

Our suite of practice management tools helps advisors and firms spend less time searching for opportunities and more time acting on them.

Pricing intelligence

Our pricing tools give advisors visibility into industry pricing, and our enterprise tools allow firms to easily establish and execute a pricing strategy that is clear, fair, and consistently applied.

Market insight

Our market insights offer relevant and credible industry perspectives to help financial advisors and firms make informed, data-driven decisions.

Our Capabilities


Understand and prioritize business levers that represent the greatest opportunity relative to peers and top performers.


Take a market-informed approach to pricing services and foster productive long-term relationships with clients.


Ensure financial advisors make informed and fair commission pricing decisions while delivering optimal service to clients.


Anticipate risk easily and identify anomalies by comparing internal data to industry benchmarks.


Design and execute effective pricing and compensation policies while keeping investor interests top of mind.

Our Data

Our data is collected from over 25 wealth management firms and includes detailed positions and transactions information. Because data is refreshed continuously, we offer our clients an unmatched view into the behaviors and characteristics of financial advisors and powerful insights into how decisions affect advisor growth and client outcomes.



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Our Platform

Our platform is scalable, secure, and reliable. As a hosted solution, we securely manage the data required to operate all PriceMetrix offerings, and we house and maintain a web-based portal providing users secure access to all our tools. Our integration process makes it easy for clients to source, extract, and set up regular data transfers of a standard set of data elements that are easily accessible by firms.

Featured Insights


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– Mounting hopes of postpandemic recovery signal an imperative to prepare for the changes in technology, consumer needs, and society that will shape the future of the wealth management ecosystem.

The value of personal advice: Wealth management through the pandemic

– The 10th annual PriceMetrix report examines an unprecedented year for North American wealth management.

Women as the next wave of growth in US wealth management

– An unprecedented amount of assets will shift into the hands of US women over the next three to five years, representing a $30 trillion opportunity by the end of the decade.

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