Anticipate risk easily and identify anomalies by comparing internal data to industry benchmarks.

SignalOne makes it easier for firms to anticipate key risk factors in their organizations. Leveraging our aggregate industry data and configurable risk measures, we assess each firm, client by client, using industry benchmarks to identify anomalies and uncover potential risks across the client base.

SignalOne provides a top-level view of conduct risk factors as well as a more detailed look at specific factors driving an organization’s risk profile. With changing regulatory frameworks, we provide the insight compliance officers need to take a proactive approach to conducting risk management. Our approach eliminates the need for manual upfront work and enables effective collaboration with regulators.

How we help clients

Our interactive and intuitive dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of conduct risk factors to show how a firm’s overall risk profile compares to the industry. SignalOne uses drill-down functionality to identify which branches and advisors have high potential risks and which client attributes are most heavily influencing a firm’s overall risk.

Our Approach

SignalOne calibrates risk measurements based on industry norms, avoiding the internal cultural biases that can compromise firm-based risk triggers. We look across time periods to track conduct risk that may accumulate or be missed by spot-based systems.

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