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Ensure financial advisors make informed and fair commission pricing decisions while delivering optimal service to clients.

CommissionCheck helps price decision-making by providing financial advisors real time access to comparable industry rates. Using the fact-based pricing intelligence, advisors can take control of their transactional pricing, gain confidence that their pricing is fair and reflects the value of their services and brand, apply it consistently across their business.

How we help clients

CommissionCheck helps advisors make informed equity commission pricing decisions and gain the confidence to price fairly while delivering optimal service to clients. With our dataset, advisors will know exactly what others have charged for businesses like theirs. By integrating seamlessly into regular order entry workflow, CommissionCheck makes it easy to access actionable intelligence that results in measurable positive impact.

Our Approach

CommissionCheck is powered by the normalized and anonymous commissionable equity transaction data of thousands of full-service investment advisors. It gives advisors powerful benchmark data that leads to better pricing decisions.

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