Design and execute effective pricing and compensation policies while keeping investor interests top of mind.

PriceMetrix goes beyond typical advisory consulting to ensure successful design and execution of pricing and compensation policies while keeping investor interests top of mind. Our fact-based advisory services help wealth management firms build programs that achieve results, and our approach focuses on creating incremental growth for firms, as well as improved advisor adoption.

How we help clients

Price benchmarking: detailed analysis of discount sharing programs benchmarked to industry peers, as well as comparative pricing analysis of list and realized price, analyzed across various dimensions.

Commission schedule design: evaluation and enhancement of pricing schedules and policies across product types, informed by actual advisor pricing, as well as economic modelling and behavior-based assessments.

Compliance risk assessment: identification of anomalies, relative to industry norms, along with a heatmap of the clients, advisors, branches, or regions where potential conduct risk is concentrated.

Advisor and branch manager compensation design: detailed review and modification of existing compensation plans using market best practices and behavior-based incentive strategies.

Advisor production and growth benchmarking and modeling: assessment of current and future production potential, based on assessment of key business components linked to asset and advisor growth.

Our Approach

We use our unique market insight and industry know-how to provide custom advisory services that deliver high-impact results aligned with a firm’s key strategic goals. Our deep domain expertise and exclusive access to industry data allow us to tailor our analytics to best serve specific business needs with the right data and guidance. 

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