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Patrick Kennedy

Associate PartnerToronto

Works closely with leaders of North American wealth management firms to implement growth initiatives and pricing management programs

Patrick is cofounder of PriceMetrix, a leading provider of data and analytics software to North America’s wealth management industry. He currently leads the PriceMetrix teams responsible for client services, marketing, and advisory projects.

Patrick’s career has spanned more than 20 years working directly with leaders within the wealth management industry. His experience with data aggregation and analytics give him a unique perspective on what makes financial advisors and wealth management firms successful. Prior to cofounding PriceMetrix, Patrick was a senior consultant with a strategy consulting firm in Toronto, where he focused exclusively on implementing strategic transformations within the financial services industry.

In addition to his client work, Patrick has authored and presented several papers, leveraging the unique industry views provided by PriceMetrix data. He has been profiled in On Wall Street, Wealth Professional, and FundFire, and is frequently quoted in the media; including InvestmentNews, Forbes, TheStreet, Globe and Mail, and Wall Street Journal.

Patrick was born and raised in Toronto where he currently lives with his wife and two children.

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The Taddingstone Consulting Group
Senior consultant


Wilfrid Laurier University
BBA, business administration, economics