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The State of Retail Wealth Management, 2nd Annual Report
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The State of Retail Wealth Management, 2nd Annual Report

Analyzing growth opportunities for advisors and firms

In this edition, we examine multi-year results for key performance drivers of the North American retail wealth management industry. The report reveals the following trends:

  • overall growth in 2011 was weak, although there are signs of an improvement in the quality of the average advisor’s business, with larger, more productive households and better pricing.
  • advisors have lower assets under management, predominantly due to a reduction in the number of households serviced.
  • advisors are more strategic about the composition of their books, shedding small households while adding larger ones, and adding accounts and assets to existing households.
  • advisors are improving pricing on new fee-based accounts, although the gap between premium and discount priced accounts remains wide.
  • equity transaction business remains strong, with lower levels of discounting and larger trade sizes.

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