Moneyball for Advisors

Moneyball for Advisors

Does the Moneyball revolution in baseball have anything to teach retail wealth management?

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Similar to statistical analyses in baseball, analytics can be used to gain an informed advantage in advisor recruiting and development in the wealth management space. When it comes to recruiting financial advisors, a successful hire has certain requisite qualities, including the absence of compliance issues and a healthy margin.

In this edition we reveal the following insights:

  • all revenue is not created equal. Transactional, trailer and fee revenue are different predictors of future revenue.
  • size matters; the number of large and small households in a book dramatically impact future performance.
  • the depth of client relationships is also a predictor of future production.
  • the relationship between advisor experience and future performance can be surprising.

The focus of this report is on production—and growth in production over time—as a hallmark of a successful hire. These answers can assist recruiters in identifying those candidates most likely to add to the future growth of the firm, assist managers and advisors by highlighting those attributes most predictive of future growth in an advisor’s book, and help advisors and managers take action to best achieve breakaway growth.

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