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Retail & Small Business Banking

We work with retail banks, mid-cap banks, and consumer finance firms to navigate a dynamic environment of evolving regulation, consumer behavior and digital innovation.

We help a broad range of banking and consumer finance firms navigate a dynamically changing environment, in which regulatory constraints, consumer deleveraging and evolving channel dynamics present significant obstacles to profitability. Our approach to supporting clients is customized and collaborative, and combines deep industry expertise and experience with proprietary quantitative analytics and research. We help banks build the capabilities they need to succeed in the long term.

What we do

Our approach to working with clients is aligned along the following areas of expertise:

  • Strategy. We help clients resolve fundamental bank-wide strategic issues, along with business unit- and product-level challenges. In an era of increasing regulatory complexity, we work with banks and consumer finance firms to develop a strategic vision that is in alignment with regulatory oversight. Our work is supported by proprietary research and analytics encompassing the universe of personal financial services products, including personal and small-business consumer products, auto finance and mortgages.
  • Organization & Performance Leadership. We help drive transformations in bank culture, with an eye toward improved execution, sales, and service, as well as broader concerns such as building trust and respect with customers.
  • Operations & Technology. Banks are increasingly seeking to dramatically streamline and simplify how they work. With our global, cross-industry reach, we help them apply world-class operational principles from other industries to their own operations. We also support major restructurings, expense reduction, and increasing sales effectiveness.
  • Marketing & Distribution. We work with banks to help them become truly customer-centric. Recent areas of focus include optimizing branch networks, integrating data and customer information across channels to improve customer experience, and leveraging the power of mobile technology to extend reach and improve customer loyalty.
  • Risk Management. We work with clients to fully understand and reduce risk in operations, technology, and the fast-growing field of cybersecurity.

Examples of our work

  • supporting the comprehensive lean transformation of leading global bank
  • helping a new entrant into the United States market design a digital bank platform
  • working to transform frontline sales for outsized growth in retail banking
  • assisting with re-architecting post-merger mortgage fulfillment operations
  • partnering with a major North American bank to design a multichannel strategy and implementation
  • collaborating with global financial institution to create a cyber-security strategy

For the most recent research from our Consumer & Small Business Banking Practice, visit Our Insights page.


Ashwin Adarkar

Senior Partner, Southern California

Klaus Dallerup

Senior Partner, Copenhagen

Paul Hyde

Senior Partner, Miami

Marukel Nunez Maxwell

Senior Partner, New York



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