We work with mid-cap and regional banks to enhance performance, drive sustainable change, and help navigate the constantly evolving environment.

Our approach is customized and collaborative, in which we bring to bear our understanding of the unique context and challenges of mid-cap banks and our extensive experience in partnering with them. We are committed to helping banks build the capabilities they need to succeed in the long term.

Further, we are deeply engaged with the mid-cap banking industry through our flagship events for executives and collaborative efforts with industry associations. We offer an unrivaled collection of proprietary knowledge and data as well as benchmarking assets through more than 75 tools. We have roughly 2,200 banking-affiliated consultants and more than 360 dedicated banking partners globally.

What we do

Productivity transformation

Bank-wide programs focused on dramatically improving performance, including revenue growth, cost reduction, end-to-end process improvement, and development of a scalable operating model for growth. Typical programs have improved efficiency ratio by seven to 12 percentage points while accelerating growth and improving customer experience.


Independent review of the bank’s strategic positioning, quantification of the sources of competitive advantage, definition of renewed aspiration, identification of key gaps and relevant trends, and structuring of tangible initiatives to meet the aspiration.

Retail and commercial growth

Accelerated agile war rooms approach to driving revenue growth, along with a culture change in sales and marketing, focused on commercial relationship manager prospecting, small business growth powered by advanced analytics, and retail digital marketing. 

Core tech

Development of an end-to-end technology-modernization strategy, which includes options and tradeoffs for the core banking systems, development of target-state IT architecture, cloud strategy and migration paths, data governance, and enterprise-wide agile operating models. 


In-depth assessment, prioritization, build out, and adoption drive of the bank’s digital capabilities, including evaluation of current capabilities against peers, development of the new digital capabilities roadmap, and a build-out of new capabilities co-led by McKinsey’s product managers, technical architects, software developers, and customer experience strategists in an agile format with client teams.

Diligence and M&A readiness

M&A-readiness and post-merger management across dimensions, including strategy, synergistic value capture, operating model, organizational health, master planning, and investor story.

Examples of our work

Promoting growth and organizational health

Supported the holistic transformation at a mid-cap bank, achieving more than 25 percent net income growth in a year while boosting organizational health.

Accelerating digital sales

Drove a 60 percent digital sales increase for priority products of a mid-cap bank, leveraging agile squads and digital marketing.

Driving digital transformation

Orchestrated the digital transformation of a mid-cap bank, leading to more than a 20-point NPS improvement and more than 90 percent time reduction for several key journeys.

Leveraging analytics for growth

Created an analytics-driven commercial sales war room, resulting in a doubling of sales for a priority small business segment.

Building a business in record time

Launched a digital- and cloud-first payments business from scratch in fewer than five months.

Establishing partnerships for strategy setting and road mapping

Crafted a three-year strategy with the executive team, including key segments, geographies, and capabilities to pursue in an integrated road map.

Featured Capabilities


Improves a bank's operational performance and financial metrics by benchmarking process efficiency, sales performance, and high-level strategy

GCI Analytics

GCI Analytics helps transform portfolio strategies and uncover revenue opportunities across the entire customer lifecycle.


We work with our clients to build custom solutions that combine deep industry expertise, quantitative analytics, and research, while helping them build capabilities needed for long-term success.

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