Mid-Cap Banking

What we do

Productivity transformation
Retail and commercial growth
Core tech
Diligence and M&A readiness

Examples of our work

Promoting growth and organizational health
Accelerating digital sales
Driving digital transformation
Leveraging analytics for growth
Building a business in record time
Establishing partnerships for strategy setting and road mapping

Featured Capabilities

GCI Analytics

Featured Experts

Ashwin Adarkar
Senior PartnerSouthern California
Manages the Southern California office and advises financial institutions on driving transformational change through strategic...
Paul Hyde
Senior PartnerMiami
Works with senior executives of financial institutions to maximize performance through executing strategic growth initiatives,...
Munya Muvezwa
As a leader in the Financial Services Practice, advises financial institutions on transformational growth and commercial excellence...
Peter Noteboom
Senior PartnerSeattle
Guides financial services institutions in designing and executing high-impact strategies to maximize performance, helping firms...
Marukel Nunez Maxwell
Senior PartnerNew York
Helps a diverse set of global institutions on a range of topics including strategy, revenue growth, and performance improvement...
Atanas Stoyanov
Serves financial institutions globally on strategy, productivity improvement, and digital and analytics transformations

Featured Insights

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US midcap banking: The shakeout ahead?
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Productivity transformation for US regional banks

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