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Vijay Gosula

Senior PartnerSalvador

With expertise in Brazilian markets, including infrastructure, banking, and retail, he advises clients on improving operational efficiency, sales and procurement, and economic development.

Vijay established and leads the Salvador office in northeast Brazil. He previously launched and led the Latin America Marketing and Sales Practice. He specializes in helping clients in economic and infrastructure development and strategic planning for growth. He is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Vijay’s recent projects include the following:

  • advising on economic and infrastructure development for the state of Bahia
  • strategic planning for the city of Salvador to prioritize its activities
  • working with a major Brazilian bank to transform its marketing area
  • advising a major bank in Chile on developing a new commercial retail model
  • helping a major Brazilian supermarket chain to identify opportunities to increase margin while maintaining a distinctive image

Vijay has also built a consumer digital forum that includes interviews with the chief marketing officers and chief sales officers of a range of sector leaders.


University of Illinois
PhD, engineering and materials

Coe College
BS, physics and chemistry