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Our people

Tjark Freundt

Senior Partner, Hamburg
Leads McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice in Europe and helps organizations achieve sustainable, inclusive growth and customer centricity

Liz Hilton Segel

Senior Partner, Chief Client Officer and Managing Partner, Global Industry Practices, New York
Counsels CEOs and aligns with their teams and broader organizations to build new capabilities and new businesses with a focus on growth and performance...

Greg Kelly

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Leads McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice globally and drives transformational growth for consumer and retail companies through...

Brian Gregg

Senior Partner, Bay Area
Coleads McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice in North America; enabling clients to achieve above-market growth by combining advanced...

Dr. Mazen Ramsay Najjar

Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Kuwait
Leads our Kuwait office as well as the Risk & Resilience Practice in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, is a member of the Financial...


Periscope by McKinsey

The Periscope platform combines world-class intellectual property, prescriptive analytics and cloud-based tools with expert support and training to drive revenue growth now and into the future.


We combine human understanding with AI-powered analytics to reveal customer insights, identify opportunities for growth, and deliver lasting impact at speed.

Experience DNA

A data and analytics platform to maximize the value of customer experience management and design.

Marketing Solutions

Get cutting-edge insights into consumer behavior, brand perception, and innovation opportunities and make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing spend and personalize customer communication so that you can drive sustainable growth and outperform competitors

Consumer Marketing Analytics Center

We accelerate your company’s ability using advanced analytics to translate insights from big data into actions for your consumer-facing marketing organization.


Logistics company builds value by consolidating brands

Campaign focused on developing a consistent global portfolio helps create a Top 100 global brand.

Targeted online marketing programs boost customer conversion rates

Cross-selling and category-penetration techniques yield a 20 percent jump in sales and a 30 percent increase in profits.

Understanding the customer's true preferences to improve profits

Migrating banking customers to more profitable products increases checking account revenues by 20 percent.

Finding out where consumers make their decisions

A consumer electronics maker's targeted investment in digital media sells out the product as part of a first phase to build a more effective marketing organization.


Book - Practices Capabilities

Marketing Performance: How Marketers Drive Profitable Growth

Drive marketing ROI with an investor’s mindset and a proven toolkit

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What CEOs really think about marketing, creativity, and growth

Join McKinsey at Cannes Lions to hear our latest findings on how to quantify the impact of creativity and track the evolution of its definition.


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