Driving sustainable and profitable growth through next-generation e-commerce

Owning the next era of growth requires going beyond traditional e-commerce and online sales. It requires creating a personalized experience that’s tailored, yet consistent across all channels—all backed by flexible technology and an operating model that places digitally driven commerce at the center of business. We call this NeXT Commerce.

NeXT Commerce enhances the speed, precision, and flexibility needed to achieve profitable and sustainable growth, faster. Our team brings expertise across go-to-market models – including B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and D2C – powering omnichannel, social, live, and metaverse commerce. Together, we expand existing and build new businesses, driving stronger customer engagement today and innovating for what’s next.

How we help clients

E-commerce strategy

Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning, we deliver a 360-degree customer and end-consumer view. We then set a strategy to unlock new opportunities for profitable and sustainable growth and a roadmap to capture meaningful business value fast.

Digital marketing and customer value management

We build a full-funnel marketing approach to customer acquisition and loyalty programs, including on-platform marketing, social engagement, community building, and paid media optimization.

Customer-centric design and user experience

Using in-depth B2B and consumer insights, we map out customer journeys and segments that allow organizations to create a superior personalized customer journey with seamless transition across online and offline channels.

Tech and analytics capability building

We co-create the capabilities and new built-for-purpose operating models in support of next-generation ecosystem of platforms, retailers, and partnerships.

Talent attraction, retention, and training

Our experts work with clients to identify and develop the talents and capabilities needed to support NeXT Commerce businesses. We embed the expertise needed to stand up minimum viable products faster and ensure a seamless transition.

Fulfillment and operations

We help companies fulfill customer needs quickly, accurately, and efficiently, creating an end-to-end logistics approach across the omnichannel operations value chain, including operations management systems, warehouse management systems, and transportation management systems.

Examples of our work

Featured capabilities

Customer Insights

Customer Insights solutions deliver key insights on consumer behavior, brand perception, and innovation opportunities that enable companies to drive revenue growth, create optimal portfolio strategies and implement an agile consumer-centered marketing mix


We combine human understanding with AI-powered analytics to reveal customer insights, identify opportunities for growth, and deliver lasting impact at speed.

Leap by McKinsey

We help ambitious organizations leap forward by building thriving businesses from scratch.

NeXT Commerce Operations

As more of our consumption shifts online, eCommerce has become the topic of the decade for businesses across geographies and industries. On this page, McKinsey’s cross-industry, cross-function insights provide an end-to-end guide to eCommerce logistics, from webstore to the last mile.

NeXT Commerce Tech

A modern, flexible capability to unlock the business value of design, enable cross-functional agility, and empower in-house digital talent

NeXT Commerce Diagnostics

A suite of diagnostics to quickly assess e-commerce activities and capabilities across industries. We deliver tangible recommendations based on competitor benchmarking and key performance indicators, from strategy, to marketing and personalization, supply chain and backbone technical infrastructure.


Arun Arora
Senior Partner, Paris
Global leader of McKinsey’s NeXT Commerce initiative; draws on over 25 years of operational and leadership experience to help...
Stephan Zimmermann
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Helps companies with substantial online operations find Internet-based consumer insights, manage the customer life cycle, and...
Kevin Wei Wang
Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leader of our NeXT Commerce global initiative and McKinsey Digital in Asia; advises consumer-facing companies as well as platform...
Candace Lun Plotkin
Partner, Boston
Creates strategic-improvement programs in commercial functions for organizations ranging from industrial and advanced industries...
Dianne Esber
Partner, Bay Area - San Francisco
Leader in McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice who collaborates with industry-leading companies to drive top-line growth;...
Florian Neuhaus
Partner, Munich
Advises major European and North American logistics, parcel, and passenger-rail companies on their transportation and logistics...
Dr. Karolina Sauer-Sidor
Partner, Vienna
Advises telecommunications and technology companies on strategy, growth, go-to-market, digital, and transformation to help them...
Lambert Bu
Senior Partner, Shanghai
Drives digital and omnichannel transformations across consumer-facing industries in China.
Markus Schmid
Partner, Munich
Helps retailers and consumer-facing industries digitize their cores and build winning omnichannel businesses
Roberto Longo
Partner, Milan
Leads McKinsey's Marketing & Sales Practice in the Mediterranean and advises retail, e-commerce, and consumer technology clients...
Daniel Glaser
Partner, Munich
Supports consumer-facing clients across digital, innovation, and M&A to drive sustainable and inclusive growth

Featured insights


Becoming indispensable: Moving past e-commerce to NeXT commerce

– A successful transition to the next horizon of digital commerce requires companies to get real about being customer first and make some hard choices.

Social commerce: The future of how consumers interact with brands

– Browsing and shopping directly on social media platforms is a core feature of e-commerce in China. Now, this dynamic new way of... buying is poised for rapid growth in the United States.

Resetting the e-commerce model to achieve profitable growth in Europe

– Winning EU consumer goods players are reprioritizing channels and markets to drive online sales, shifting to an online-first playbook,... and investing in tech and specialist talent.

E-commerce: At the center of profitable growth in consumer goods

– Winning North American consumer goods companies are fundamentally rethinking their capabilities and operating models to meet the... evolving needs of consumers and customers.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Marketing in the metaverse: An opportunity for innovation and experimentation

– Although widespread adoption of the metaverse may take some time, leading brands are already rewriting the rules of marketing.

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