Don’t just look to the future. Let’s Leap.

Leap by McKinsey works with established organizations to imagine, build, and scale new businesses—and develop the capabilities needed to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth.

Most organizations aren’t built for change. They spend a lot of time talking about it, but don’t always know how to make the first move. And in the meantime, they get left behind.

Many of the world’s most successful organizations take a different path. They build and scale whole new businesses at incredible speed, catapulting themselves into different sectors and markets and cutting across traditional value pools, while leveraging what they already do best.

This approach isn’t easy, but can create tremendous value. This is why Leap by McKinsey exists.


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Our Approach

We bring together a global network of experts to build dynamic, innovative businesses that can reinvigorate your entire organization.

Impact stories

Featured Insights


The executive’s guide to new-business building

– How to master the most important growth game.

Uncovering untreated heart disease with AI and big data: A conversation with egnite’s Joel Portice and Edwards Lifesciences’ Don Bobo

– Two executives behind a cutting-edge healthcare start-up discuss their goal to drastically reduce the number of misdiagnosed and... at-risk heart patients through a revolutionary digital platform.
Interview - Learn to Leap: Green Business Building Edition

Transforming cutting-edge science into a business: Lessons from C1

– C1’s cofounder and CEO discusses the challenges he overcame in transitioning from “classical” internet businesses... to climate tech.
Interview - Learn to Leap

Building a culture that grows with the business: Lessons from Tibber

– Richard Eklund, chief technology officer of Tibber, discusses how the fast-growing energy company cultivates purpose, autonomy,... and mastery.

A circle of sustainability: A conversation with circulee’s Thomas Gros

– The CEO and cofounder of a German start-up explains how his company’s circular model reduces CO2 emissions by... reinventing the sourcing of IT hardware by smaller businesses.

Featured series

The Venture Podcast

Empowering corporate entrepreneurs with the playbook to design, build, and scale new businesses.

Learn to Leap

Lessons from leaders on launching and scaling new ventures.

The Lighthouse

An ongoing fireside-chat series lifting up and celebrating diverse entrepreneurs, founders, business builders, and funders.

Featured experts

Yran Bartolumeu Dias
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Advises retail and digital banks, financial services, and credit card companies on developing and executing digital strategies and on effecting mergers and acquisitions to achieve above-market growth in Latin America
Raphael Bick
Partner, Shanghai
Builds digital businesses across China and Southeast Asia
Stina Carlsson Reich
Partner, Stockholm
Reimagines customer experiences and uses digital as the catalyst to build the businesses of tomorrow
Ralf Dreischmeier
Senior Partner, London
Helps companies build businesses that use digital strategies to achieve transformation and establish more nimble and agile ways of working
Paul Jenkins
Senior Partner, Oslo
Expert in digital transformation and helping clients develop new digital ventures, grow existing revenues, and improve efficiency of core operations
Ari Libarikian
Senior Partner, New York
Advises companies on building thriving businesses, helping organizations to grow, improve business processes, and strengthen digital capabilities
Mark Patel
Senior Partner, Bay Area - San Francisco
Advises clients across sectors on sustainability with a focus on climate technologies; leads client work across industrial, high-tech, and semiconductor sectors
Tawanda Sibanda
Partner, Bay Area
Serves global financial services firms including financial infrastructure providers, FinTechs, and payments companies in building and scaling new digital businesses
Suman Thareja
Partner, New Jersey
Helps established organizations build and scale new businesses through talent-management strategy and capability building to accelerate innovation, and leads digital and agile transformations with a focus on building digital solutions through agile ways of working

Don’t just look to the future. Let’s Leap.