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Growing a global tech unicorn: Five key insights from Infobip

– The CEO and cofounder of Infobip shares how the company has used small, mission-based teams and a positive growth mindset to capture high-yield, low-cost tech markets.

Uncovering untreated heart disease with AI and big data: A conversation with egnite’s Joel Portice and Edwards Lifesciences’ Don Bobo

– Two executives behind a cutting-edge healthcare start-up discuss their goal to drastically reduce the number of misdiagnosed and... at-risk heart patients through a revolutionary digital platform.
Interview - Learn to Leap: Green Business Building Edition

Transforming cutting-edge science into a business: Lessons from C1

– C1’s cofounder and CEO discusses the challenges he overcame in transitioning from “classical” internet businesses... to climate tech.
Interview - Learn to Leap

Building a culture that grows with the business: Lessons from Tibber

– Richard Eklund, chief technology officer of Tibber, discusses how the fast-growing energy company cultivates purpose, autonomy,... and mastery.

A circle of sustainability: A conversation with circulee’s Thomas Gros

– The CEO and cofounder of a German start-up explains how his company’s circular model reduces CO2 emissions by... reinventing the sourcing of IT hardware by smaller businesses.

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The Venture Podcast

Empowering corporate entrepreneurs with the playbook to design, build, and scale new businesses.

Learn to Leap

Lessons from leaders on launching and scaling new ventures.

The Lighthouse

An ongoing fireside-chat series lifting up and celebrating diverse entrepreneurs, founders, business builders, and funders.

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Introducing Leap by McKinsey

Ralf Dreischmeier, senior partner and global leader of Leap by McKinsey, explains our business-building approach that brings together a global network of experts to build dynamic, innovative businesses that can reinvigorate your entire organization.

Meet the team behind Leap by McKinsey

Ari Libarikian, senior partner and global leader of Leap by McKinsey, explains our business-building approach and the team and experience behind it.

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What matters most? Six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times

– With economic troubles mounting, it’s a time to tighten belts and put on hard hats. But don’t forget the jet pack,... to accelerate into the next phase of growth.
Interview - Learn to Leap

Building a human firewall to block cyberattacks: Lessons from SoSafe

– The cofounders of SoSafe share how they built a learning-by-doing platform solution to help organizations protect themselves against... cyberattacks.

Tokenizing nontraditional assets: A conversation with Ascend Bit’s Brian Clark

– The chief product officer of a Bangkok start-up explains his company’s mission to leverage blockchain innovation for the... mothership.

Lessons from leaders on green business building

– Gain insights from leaders across industries who have successfully built and scaled green businesses.
Interview - Learn to Leap: Green Business Building Edition

How to accelerate innovation in new green business building

– Companies that want to scale quickly must cultivate deep market knowledge and a culture that embraces learning through failure.

The executive’s guide to new-business building

– How to master the most important growth game.

Disrupting Thailand’s B2B food marketplace: A conversation with Makro PRO’s Tirayu Songvetkasem

– The chief digital officer of a Thai incumbent catering to the food services sector explains how the company’s B2B spin-off... combines the best of the start-up and enterprise worlds.

Buy and scale: How incumbents can use M&A to grow new businesses

– Digital disruptors use M&A to build and scale new businesses at speed. Incumbents can do so, too.

Business building: The path to resilience in uncertain times

– In an uncertain economy, executives’ first instinct might be to cut costs and shore up established holdings. A better way is to... build new businesses.
Interview - Learn to Leap

How start-ups can manage uncertain times: Insights from leading European venture capitalists

– Start-ups are shifting their focus from fast-paced growth toward sustainable economics amid global headwinds. Four prominent European... venture capitalists discuss how founders and funders can play the long game.

Democratizing alternative asset investing: A conversation with ADDX’s Oi-Yee Choo

– The CEO of a Singapore fintech explains how her start-up’s cutting-edge technology is opening the door for the mass affluent... to invest in securities once available only to the ultrawealthy.
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