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Putting tech at the heart of pizza delivery

New start-ups were quickly cornering the online food-delivery market, leaving a pizza retailer in a precarious position.

An iconic pizza retailer had seen rapid growth in its online business over the previous decade. But rival start-ups offered ease, speed, and reliability that the retailer’s aging platform couldn’t match.

As traffic increased, the problem only got worse, with frequent outages at peak weekend times. The company knew that if it didn’t take a leap, it would soon be left out in the cold.

A new digital team put tech at the heart of a pizza retailer—and delivered a world-class platform in 12 months.

  • establishing an ambitious, agile operating model for the new business that minimized risk and outlay
  • designing and building an MVP in three months, so testing and learning from real customers could begin
  • building a 20-person digital-ventures team with capabilities in design, engineering, research, and marketing that continues to drive growth through rapid innovation
  • taking 100 percent of traffic across all channels (Android, iOS, and web), enabling the retailer to shut down legacy vendors
  • successfully scaling the platform to France and Japan within 12 months, with plans to bring it to the top 30 markets over the next two years

The team achieved what I thought was impossible. Together we set everything up and got us believing we run this by ourselves. Now that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Global chief customer officer

Impact in 12 months


increase in conversion


second page load
which is 3X faster than before


sales growth


app store rating
up from 1.5 stars

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