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Impact Story

Out of the garage—a new digital bank

In a developing country with soaring internet connectivity and 25% more mobile devices than people, we helped launch the first fully digital bank.

Inside a newly designed innovation space (the ‘garage’), a joint McKinsey and client team began defining what the new company should do, and be. Within the first two months the team had landed on a customer segment to serve, an operating model for the new bank, and had onboarded key staff and alliances to kick off the build phase.

Our engineers, designers, and business teams worked hand in hand with the client to build the bank from the ground up.

Life in the garage: in only 16 months the team...

  • defined the strategy and value proposition for the new bank
  • designed a new visual identity to differentiate itself from the parent company, including new color scheme, typeface, logos, and marketing collateral
  • built new products to attract the new segment of customers
  • transformed existing IT systems and built new components where needed, using the latest DevOps and agile practices
  • hired and trained a top-notch team to run the new bank after launch

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Capability spotlight


We partner with established organizations to build and scale innovative new businesses—fast. Businesses that capitalize on what you do best, but with the tools and capabilities to survive and thrive on their own. Businesses that have the potential to transform your entire organization, and to carry on generating game-changing ideas for the long term.

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