What does it mean to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth?
McKinsey partners from around the world weigh in.

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Toward a sustainable, inclusive, growing future: The role of business

– To make the world as sustainable and inclusive as we hope, a certain kind of economic growth will be necessary—and companies will play a vital role in generating it.

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A weekly briefing

– Updated weekly, this digest explores sustainable, inclusive growth and a new era in which growth and societal benefits can be complementary, reinforcing goals.

Sustainable and inclusive growth: A new paradigm for Asia

– Can growth be sustainable and inclusive? Leaders share their perspectives on how Asian businesses can make this a reality.

The case for inclusive growth

– US leaders across sectors have an opportunity to improve economic performance—and bolster individual and community well-being—through investments that embed equity into the development process.

1. Numbers are based on our ongoing analysis of publicly held companies between 2015 –2021. We assess the percentage of global gross domestic product (GDP) growth driven by our clients, relative to total global GDP growth. In the same time period, we look at total Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emission reductions reported by these publicly held companies, and the percentage of those achieved by our clients. We also establish the average net new jobs created by our publicly held clients during this period.