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Two arms extend toward the middle of the image with a turning globe cradled in their hands. Two large leaves stretch out from either side of the arms and softly move as if in a breeze. The image resembles a flower, with the outstretched arms the stalk and the ring of people the petals.
Report - MGI Research
From poverty to empowerment: Raising the bar for sustainable and inclusive growth
Two people working on code in a modern office.
Blog Post
Tearing the ‘paper ceiling’: McKinsey supports effort driving upward mobility for millions of workers
Doctor conducts an eye examination of a mid adult woman during a rural medical health care camp
Blog Post
McKinsey Health Institute unveils investment case for closing the women’s health gap
Overhead night-sky view of a large metropolis
Case Study
Xcel Energy: Driving towards net zero with the power of digital
A conceptual depiction of diverse group of people layered over a modern city background

2023 ESG Report

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