NeXT Commerce Tech

Building customer-centric NeXT Commerce experiences faster

NeXT Commerce Tech helps clients build fit-for-purpose e-commerce experiences using modular components and modern technology.

How we help clients

Accelerate NeXT Commerce impact

Built with an open architecture, NeXT Commerce Tech is modular and designed to be integrated easily with other tools. This allows clients to assemble best-in-class architectures and implement only what’s needed.

Unlock the business value of design

Companies that are responsive to customer needs and build exactly what customers want consistently outperform competitors. NeXT Commerce Tech’s modern toolkit empowers cross-functional teams to iteratively test and de-risk with customers.

Enable cross-functional agility and collaboration

E-commerce and tech capabilities are typically fragmented across different departments and lack integrated solutions. We use NeXT Commerce Tech to help teams to break down silos and own customer outcomes—unifying experiences across advertising and marketing technology solutions, transactional cart and checkout, and order fulfillment and delivery.

Empower in-house digital talent

We provide the code, creating an opportunity for clients to reinvest in their own digital talent and building their capabilities to stay ahead on NeXT Commerce innovation and competition.

Our Solutions

We have a set of modular solutions that can be employed independently or together. These assets are real, working codebases that clients can copy, modify, and keep as long as they need.

Storefront: Accelerate the e-commerce experience build out from years to months with a full-stack e-commerce site enabling storefront, catalog, cart, and checkout capabilities for B2B, direct to consumer (D2C), and marketplace models

Pages: Quickly create search engine optimized websites to help understand how customers are discovering products. Based on that data, we are able to use best-in-class tools to rapidly prototype and deploy new customer experiences that are tailored to what customers are searching for.

Catalog: Build a fit-for-purpose catalog for complex products not served well by existing production management systems. We help clients present complex products in a ‘single source of truth’ product catalog—with the data and attributes that customers need to effectively self-serve.

Social commerce insights: Unlock the potential of social and live commerce, leveraging cloud native services to instantly scale live video sales and seamlessly add products to your cart.

Report card: Scan pages for performance and security issues, with alerting and easy-to-action scorecards for near real-time accountability and remediation. Include a set of open-source tools that identify the greatest opportunities for website performance improvement, allowing deep benchmarks with competition and a quality gate keeper before releasing code to a production environment.

Featured experts

Oscar Villarreal, Partner, Barcelona

Oscar co-leads McKinsey’s Software Cloud Cyber and Architecture guild globally. He helps clients propel their digital and automation capabilities through in-house software development and opting for cloud-first solutions.

Daniel Glaser, Partner, Munich

Daniel co-leads McKinsey’s digital growth efforts for the firm’s Telecommunication, Media and Technology Practice in Europe. He is deeply involved in turning new e-commerce innovations, such as social and live commerce, into profitable commercial capabilities for clients.

Natalya Sak, Engagement Manager, London

Natalya is an engagement manager focused on digital and consumer goods. She has extensive experience in digital business building and e-commerce, helping clients turbocharge digital growth via innovative channels and capabilities such as social and live commerce.

Jake McGuire, Expert Associate Partner, Denver

Jake assists clients with defining and building best-in-class e-commerce experiences. As one of the firm’s NeXT Commerce Tech leaders, he focuses on building best-in-class e-commerce software and helps clients navigate the e-commerce vendor landscape.

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