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Experience-led growth: A new way to create value

– A strategy focused on improving the experience of existing customers can deliver breakthrough growth for incumbent companies—often more than double that of their industry peers.
71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions—and three quarters will switch if they don’t like their experience.

What’s your superpower? How companies can build an institutional capability to achieve competitive advantage

– One capability often sets leading companies apart from the rest. Here’s how to build yours.

Small and mighty: The untapped value of your top 1%

– VIP customers require a unique engagement strategy.

McKinsey on the Metaverse

While the end-state remains many years away, there is real and significant value for consumers and companies to benefit from today.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

A CEO’s guide to the metaverse

– It’s too big to ignore—yet its future is far from certain. Companies need to dip a toe in the water and plan to take the plunge... should developments warrant.

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Mindset to action: Imperatives for Growth

Profitable growth is difficult to achieve and sustain even in the best of times. Nevertheless, some companies succeed, and their experience can teach others.

Consumer and B2B sentiment


Global surveys of consumer sentiment

Consumer optimism varies by country depending on what stage each country is in the coronavirus contagion cycle.

The “next normal” of sales and how to win

Through a series of recurring global surveys, we are tracking how customers’ expectations, spending, and behaviors change throughout the crisis, across multiple countries over time.

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Eat, play, love: How Gen Z is shaping Korea’s grocery retailers

– Korea’s emerging Gen Z consumers want food that’s convenient, varied, and ethically and environmentally friendly.... Retailers should take note.

South Korea’s next sales frontier: Retail media networks

– As consumer spending shifts online, many traditional retailers have been caught flat-footed. Retail media networks hold huge promise—... but retailers need to seize the opportunity.

Similar yet different: Meet today’s consumer of dairy and alternatives

– Five insights from McKinsey’s 2022 US Dairy Consumer Survey reveal how dairy consumption is changing.

Klaus-Jürgen Heitmann on the journey to mobility ecosystems

– HUK-COBURG Group CEO Klaus-Jürgen Heitmann discusses why and how the insurer is using an ecosystem strategy to expand its traditional... business of direct and motor insurance in Germany.

The data and analytics edge in corporate and commercial banking

– As corporate and commercial banks serve increasingly complex needs, new data- and analytics-powered tools can help the front line... understand their customers and improve sales.

Growth rules: Which matter most?

– Ten rules should guide how companies select pathways to profitable growth, but each rule’s impact on performance varies considerably.

Author Talks: How the most successful salespeople defy stereotypes

– Entrepreneurs Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown share how a mindset that embraces authenticity, emotional intelligence, and purpose... helps make sales about more than just transactions.

Banks’ core technology conundrum reaches an inflection point

– The founder and CEO of Thought Machine talks with McKinsey about how advances in cloud-based solutions are helping banks meet... the technology challenge.

Beyond retail: Why retailers should think ‘services’ and ‘ecosystems’

– For retailers, service businesses represent a tremendous growth opportunity—and a way to start building ecosystems that... satisfy more of consumers’ needs.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

Unlocking the full potential in fashion for Black consumers

– Fashion brands can forge stronger connections with this segment by pursuing four strategies.

Digital consumers in the Middle East: Rising adoption and opportunity

– The region’s consumers have embraced digital channels, and their spending is set to grow. New research highlights how companies... can generate more value from this segment in the coming years.
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