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Global surveys of consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

Special Report


European consumer pessimism intensifies in the face of rising prices

– The latest Europe Consumer Pulse Survey shows an ongoing trend toward pessimism about economic recovery, coupled with widespread concern about inflation.



US holiday shopping 2022: ’Tis the season to be (cautiously) optimistic

– Despite continued economic uncertainty, US shoppers are looking forward to spending for the holidays. Retailers that offer good... value will come out on top.

The Great Uncertainty: US consumer confidence and behavior during inflationary times

РOur latest Consumer Pulse research shows that there’s more pressure than ever on consumer confidence. But despite a general feeling... of pessimism, there are signals of hope in consumer behavior.

How US consumers are feeling, shopping, and spending—and what it means for companies

– The latest Consumer Pulse survey shows that, across America, people have simultaneously embraced new behaviors and reverted to... old ones. What will they do next?

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