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Experience-led growth: A new way to create value

– A strategy focused on improving the experience of existing customers can deliver breakthrough growth for incumbent companies—often... more than double that of their industry peers.

Banks’ core technology conundrum reaches an inflection point

– The founder and CEO of Thought Machine talks with McKinsey about how advances in cloud-based solutions are helping banks meet... the technology challenge.

Beyond retail: Why retailers should think ‘services’ and ‘ecosystems’

– For retailers, service businesses represent a tremendous growth opportunity—and a way to start building ecosystems that... satisfy more of consumers’ needs.
Article - McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility

Unlocking the full potential in fashion for Black consumers

– Fashion brands can forge stronger connections with this segment by pursuing four strategies.

Digital consumers in the Middle East: Rising adoption and opportunity

– The region’s consumers have embraced digital channels, and their spending is set to grow. New research highlights how companies... can generate more value from this segment in the coming years.

Governments can deliver exceptional customer experiences—here’s how

– Our US State of the States benchmark provides insights for newly elected and second-term administrations on how to deliver better... services, operate more effectively, and win back public trust.

A new approach to fighting fraud while enhancing customer experience

– Fraud has escalated as digital adoption has increased. The situation requires that organizations simultaneously combat fraud and... provide customers with a seamless digital experience.

Digital resilience: Consumer survey finds ample scope for growth

– Opportunities are there for the taking in mobile, new digital services, and improved digital experiences.

A better way to build a brand: The community flywheel

– Today’s fastest-growing brands participate in digital communities to earn engagement and loyalty—and do so with high... returns and low risk by harnessing agile test and learn.

How the apparel industry can ADAPT to inflation

– High inflation is a challenge, but ADAPTing an agile pricing strategy can help retailers and brands control costs, protect margins,... and retain customer loyalty.

What is CX?

– CX, or customer experience, encapsulates everything a business or an organization does to put customers first, managing their... journeys and serving their needs.
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