The future of medtech sales is hybrid

– Top-performing medtech companies are using hybrid or end-to-end remote sales motions to better meet the needs of healthcare personnel... and other stakeholders.

Revenue growth management: Building capabilities to sustain impact

– Consumer companies must ensure people throughout the company have the capabilities to drive their RGM strategy and react to market... shifts.

How the apparel industry can ADAPT to inflation

– High inflation is a challenge, but ADAPTing an agile pricing strategy can help retailers and brands control costs, protect margins,... and retain customer loyalty.

Four ways to achieve pricing excellence in retail marketplaces

– Sellers typically control what retail marketplaces charge for their products, but retailers have options to keep pricing competitive—and... customers loyal.

European consumers increasingly react to the stress of rising prices

– The latest Consumer Pulse Survey shows that, across Europe, people are continuing to adopt new behaviors in response to new stressors.

Growth sprouts for SMEs in e-commerce

– Small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) can capture a share of Europe’s booming online home-and-garden market—if... they fine-tune customer insights and build new capabilities.

The future of B2B sales is hybrid

– Since B2B buyers are using more channels, B2B sellers must, too.

Open-source e-commerce: The next wave of value for the enterprise

– Moving to open-source e-commerce has significant benefits, but companies must be willing to embrace a broader digital culture.

How industrial companies can put e-commerce at the heart of their growth strategy

– How can industrial companies maintain strong bonds with distributors while cultivating direct sales through e-commerce?

It’s showtime! How live commerce is transforming the shopping experience

– Blending entertainment with instant purchasing, live commerce offers retailers, brands, and digital platforms a new channel with... enormous scope for creating value.

Creating strong digital B2B channels at industrial companies

– The digital solutions common at many companies are new to most industrials. How can digitization take root in this complex industry?
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