Revenue growth management: Building capabilities to sustain impact

– Consumer companies must ensure people throughout the company have the capabilities to drive their RGM strategy and react to market... shifts.

How the apparel industry can ADAPT to inflation

– High inflation is a challenge, but ADAPTing an agile pricing strategy can help retailers and brands control costs, protect margins,... and retain customer loyalty.

Four ways to achieve pricing excellence in retail marketplaces

– Sellers typically control what retail marketplaces charge for their products, but retailers have options to keep pricing competitive—and... customers loyal.

European consumers increasingly react to the stress of rising prices

– The latest Consumer Pulse Survey shows that, across Europe, people are continuing to adopt new behaviors in response to new stressors.

Revenue growth management: Unlocking value in foodservice

– An uptick in costs is tightening margins for CPG companies, but a coordinated strategy tailored to foodservice can wring more... value from this channel.

Six customer experience pitfalls to avoid

– To successfully enhance customer experience, companies need to build the right organizational capabilities and culture to plan,... execute, and sustain the transformation.

Five ways to ADAPT pricing to inflation

– Price adjustments due to inflation call for nuanced approaches that, when done well, can strengthen customer relationships and... overall margins.

Revenue growth management: The time is now

– Market challenges and legacy decisions are forcing consumer-packaged-goods companies to rethink their strategies for revenue growth... management.

Pricing and promotions: The analytics opportunity

– Many retailers underestimate the value of coordinating decisions on pricing and promotions. A new analytics approach can help.

The dos and don’ts of dynamic pricing in retail

– Dynamic pricing doesn’t have to be extraordinarily complex, but it does have to be strategic and disciplined. Here’s... a checklist for retailers.

Digital pricing transformations: The key to better margins

– B2B companies can capture hoped-for value from their pricing transformations by matching technology solutions to their unique... needs and avoiding common pitfalls.
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