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The future of medtech sales is hybrid

– Top-performing medtech companies are using hybrid or end-to-end remote sales motions to better meet the needs of healthcare personnel... and other stakeholders.
Interview - Metaverse Talks

Building an open metaverse

– CEO John Hanke says the promise of the metaverse is massive, but there are technological and financial hills to climb. An edited... version of the conversation from our ‘Value creation in the metaverse’ report follows.
Video - Metaverse Talks

Exploring the business promise of the metaverse

– Brian Solis, Salesforce global innovation evangelist, sees curiosity and empathy as integral parts in delivering new experiences... in the metaverse. An edited version of the conversation from our ‘Value creation in the metaverse’ report follows.
Interview - Metaverse Talks

Gaming for a cause

– Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda shares his expansive vision for the Japanese entertainment and video game company, one that includes... solving societal problems and greater user empowerment. An edited version of the conversation from our ‘Value creation in the metaverse’ report follows.

Winning in loyalty

– To strengthen customer loyalty, strengthen your value proposition.

How green can green growth be?

– The transition to net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions will take trillions of dollars and several decades. Here’s how B2B leaders... can extract maximum value from the journey.

Getting personal: How banks can win with consumers

– The secret to at-scale personalization isn’t just the analytics. It’s the ecosystem organizations set up to use the... analytics well.

Commerce media: The new force transforming advertising

– Commerce media is revolutionizing how ads are bought and optimized. Companies need the right strategy to share in its potential... trillion-dollar-plus value.

Opportunities for e-commerce success in Europe: Retail media networks

– Traditional retailers can join the boom in online shopping and digital commerce through retail media networks—a fast-growing... profit stream.

How the operating model can unlock the full power of customer experience

– By embedding customer experience within the organization and its operating model, companies can provide superior customer experience... and realize tangible business impact.

CX without design only gets you halfway

– When mapping out the customer journey, combining traditional CX practices with user-centered design processes has proven to bring... the greatest value.
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