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Consumer & Shopper Insights

Translating insights about customers into concrete business ideas and profitable growth.

We partner with clients to discover and explore the beliefs, attitudes, and motivations that drive customer behavior through their purchase decision journey. Using proprietary approaches, tools, and techniques grounded in distinctive perspectives regarding consumer meta-trends, macroeconomics, and industry structures, we help clients generate a 360° view of their customers—one that sparks innovation, uncovers the most promising sources of growth, and helps develop successful products and brands.

What we do

We use a strategic mindset and a business perspective to generate customer and shopper insights and help translate those findings into concrete business ideas and exceptional organizational performance. We work with clients in four primary ways:

  • Generating customer insights through qualitative research. Qualitative research helps bring customers to life. It illuminates their needs, their decision-making processes, and their reactions to companies and brands. We collaborate with and train clients to use these perspectives to focus problem-solving, improve value propositions, overcome barriers to adoption, and innovate faster and more successfully.

  • Segmenting for strategic decision making and growth. As the number of brands, product launches, and places of contact with customers increases, and the battle for market share intensifies, segmentation is more important than ever in helping marketing executives focus investments and identify opportunities for growth. We help clients create a segmentation platform that provides the fundamental insights needed to successfully navigate today’s increasingly complex marketing environment.

  • Conducting conjoint analysis to provide in-depth customer insights. Conjoint analysis is a statistical technique that clarifies how consumers value the different features that make up a product or service. It’s one of the most powerful tools marketers can use to understand their customers—but it’s also one of the most difficult to use effectively. We help clients bring the business judgment, technical expertise, and industry experience needed to generate detailed and precise insights into customer preferences, segment with greater precision, uncover the “soft” attributes that help position brands, and forecast more accurate estimates of market share and financial impact.

  • Revealing the stages and touchpoints that influence consumer brand choices. We help our clients focus their investments on the four battlegrounds that make up the consumer-decision journey: helping brands become part of the initial consideration set; maximizing word of mouth to help brands stand out during the evaluation process; “closing the deal” at the store and through agents; and building loyalty after purchase.

Examples of our work

  • conducted a needs-based segmentation for a global pharmaceutical brand to reveal opportunities to improve market share
  • helped unify a leading Internet company around a global and enterprise-wide strategic segmentation of customers, enabling effective prioritization and coordination of marketing and product development activities
  • collaborated with a retail bank to conduct conjoint-based research into current customers and cross-bank shoppers to achieve financial targets and improve market share following a merger


Ewan Duncan

Senior Partner, Seattle

Liz Hilton Segel

Senior Partner, Chief Client Officer and Managing Partner, Global Industry Practices, New York

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Customer Insights

Customer Insights solutions deliver key insights on consumer behavior, brand perception, and innovation opportunities that enable companies to drive revenue growth, create optimal portfolio strategies and implement an agile consumer-centered marketing mix

Category Solutions

Become category captain, understand customer behavior, and optimize assortment and space allocation accordingly

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