Category Solutions

Become category captain, understand customer behavior, and optimize assortment and space allocation accordingly

In a swiftly evolving, competitive marketing environment, leading category managers leverage data and prescriptive analytics to drive decision making.

Top-performing retailers and consumer goods companies are able to drive top-line growth, earnings, and share-price improvement while their peers are struggling to find growth. Periscope helps brand, product, and category managers sustainably improve commercial performance through adoption of best practices in category optimization.


sales lift


annual increase in margins


typical investment payback


Assortment Optimization

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize your category assortment and drive top-line growth

Category Insights

Gain actionable insights on consumer behavior and category performance to better meet customer needs and grow sales and profitability

Our Impact

Periscope powers a 2-4% sales uplift

– Periscope helps a regional grocer revolutionize their organization and deploy lasting new capabilities

Featured Insights


The time machine: Predicting future demand flows across large portfolios with unprecedented precision

– Our new approach to transferable demand flows does justice to the complexity of today’s portfolios and consumer decision journeys... by leveraging advanced analytics, entropic principles and machine learning.

CPG Goes Omnichannel: Shoppers Grasp the Digital Opportunity

– Research of consumers in France, Germany, the UK and the US reveals accelerating trends in online CPG shopping, with more and... more consumers turning to digital channels to make purchases across all CPG categories

Stocking the infinite shelf − How top consumer goods companies gear up for the omnichannel world

– The future of commerce is not just stores and not just online, but a combination of the two. Learn how you can adapt your business... model to this new reality and view best practices from different stages of the value chain, from strategy to pricing, and in a wide range of categories, including food, furniture, and apparel.

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