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Assortment Optimization

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize your category assortment and drive top-line growth

Consumer-goods companies and retailers are continually striving to create the optimal mix of products to better reach consumers and increase their sales and profitability. But they have trouble gaining the deep insights they need on consumer shopping behavior and identifying their most profitable segments, brands, and products.

Companies need accurate and granular data-driven insights on how consumers shop and make purchasing decisions to make informed decisions on their category assortment. They need to be able to identify which categories are under- or overrepresented, which are the most profitable, and the best way to rebalance the category portfolio to optimize their assortment and increase sales.

Our Assortment Optimization solution provides the in-depth insights and analyses companies need to refine their category assortment and maximize sales.

Assortment Optimization Solutions

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Gain actionable insights on consumer behavior and category performance to better meet customer needs and grow sales and profitability

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