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Consumer Marketing Analytics Center

We accelerate your company’s ability using advanced analytics to translate insights from big data into actions for your consumer-facing marketing organization.

McKinsey’s Consumer Marketing Analytics Center (CMAC) provides market-tested expertise in the practical application of big data and advanced analytics. We know that the most critical skills for success include the capacity to assess where an organization is, define where it wants to go, and make a plan for getting there.

What we do

  • Build excellent big data capabilities. Our approach is grounded in a practical understanding of the key capabilities required for success

  • Discover and evaluate multiple data sources. Identify and source both internal and external data, and upgrade IT architectures and infrastructure

  • Build prediction and optimization models. Focus on the biggest drivers, develop models that balance complexity and ease of use, and establish customer profiles to become ongoing insights factories

  • Build an organization to sustain data-driven growth. Simplify frontline interfaces, upgrade internal processes, incentives, and culture

Sustainable impact

CMAC’s team of experts has unparalleled insight into industries and critical knowledge of how to build the best analytics organizations:

  • We focus on sustainable client impact as our first priority.
  • We engage in extensive client capability building and insights-driven transformations to ensure our solutions stand the test of time.
  • We can offer light-touch analytical support over extended periods of time, aided by our offshore CMAC analytics team.

Featured capabilities

  • Our innovative approach to measuring the impact of social media (SocialGRP), and our leading Next-Product-to-Buy modeling are two examples of proprietary techniques designed to deliver lasting impact.
  • We have developed a set of end-to-end analytics software solutions with a strong ongoing support model to ensure adoption and impact.
  • We have acquired Henry Rak Consulting Partners, a pioneer in data-driven growth, and have partnered with Journey Analytics, a leader in multichannel customer-behavior analytics.
  • Our Systems Solution Center can rapidly build custom software solutions for our clients.

Our expertise

  • CMAC is made up of a global network of 130 advanced analytics practitioners. With officers in more than 90 locations in 50 countries around the world, we have access across regions and industries to the most advanced thinking on big data and advanced analytics.
  • Our world-class team has over 900 years of collective experience delivering marketing insights and utilizing advanced analytics.
  • We host client data in our ISO-certified data center in Atlanta.
  • CMAC has advanced analytics-offshoring capabilities through our India-based Center of Competence.
  • Our McKinsey Global Institute and our Business Technology Office are at the forefront of big data and advanced analytics research, from impact assessment to implementation.

Examples of our work

Create customer profiles. Accelerate the creation of a complete, multichannel view of the customer and establish an ongoing “insight factory.” Includes:

  • logical data models
  • extract-transform-load services, data cleansing, and householding
  • heuristics for matching disparate customer/household data
  • proprietary data sets (for example, Customer Lifecycle Panel, and iConsumer)

Deploy advanced analytics and tools. Capture an immediate opportunity—in pricing and promotions, marketing-mix optimization, and campaign effectiveness—through a rapid deployment of existing solutions or custom-built designs. Includes:

  • targeted recommendation models for acquisitions, revenue generation, and customer retention
  • historical and predictive lifetime value
  • a full suite of end-to-end analytics software solutions
  • systems Solution Center team to support rapid custom builds

Build a test lab. Improve the execution of campaigns or analytic models by testing them before they are in the field. Use best marketing processes to continually improve results. Integrated marketing process includes:

  • multichannel, multivehicle campaign design
  • fractional-factorial and A/B test execution
  • vehicle-testing frameworks
  • peer-group models
  • measurement and performance monitoring

Transform teams and organizations. Help define the right talent, teams, and processes, and build the analytic capabilities within your organization to capture the potential. Includes:

  • diagnostic tools to benchmark current statistics versus best-in-class
  • state-of-the-art “center of excellence” organization design
  • training and supporting materials
  • custom approaches to client support, including the ability to provide ongoing tactical reinforcement through our Center of Competence team


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Consumer Marketing Analytics Center

We accelerate your company’s ability using advanced analytics to translate insights from big data into actions for your consumer-facing marketing organization.