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Olivier Noterdaeme

Senior PartnerBrussels

Coleads QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company; serves clients in asset-heavy industries by leveraging advanced analytics

Olivier coleads McKinsey’s European Manufacturing practice as well as QuantumBlack-a McKinsey company that offers solutions in manufacturing analytics-in Belgium. He oversees ongoing client engagements, the development of proprietary assets, and partnerships with specialized advanced-analytics firms and large enterprise-solution providers.

Olivier has spent more than ten years working in asset-heavy industries (including agriculture, cement, chemicals, metals, pulp and paper, and utilities), focusing on strategy, operational, and performance transformations across Asia–Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America. He leverages expertise in traditional lean practices, operations excellence, and advanced analytics to support operational improvement.

Some of his recent client work includes the following:

  • developing comprehensive, three-year digital road maps to transform operations management and organizational setup
  • conducting more than 75 diagnostics, consistently identifying impact from traditional operations-improvement levers and significant upside from deploying analytics solutions
  • supporting clients in designing and delivering multiyear digital transformations, including setting up comprehensive capability-building programs, necessary IT and operational-technology governance and infrastructure, and global asset-construction concepts to help organization-wide scaling of analytics
  • implementing real-time decision support systems, powered by advanced analytics, to support operators in batch and continuous processes, with up to 10 percent savings in energy efficiency, 20 percent to 30 percent improvement in throughput, and 1 percent to 5 percent improvement in yield
  • designing and implementing multi-year operational-excellence programs that have resulted in more than $1 billion of recurrent improvement potential across areas such as throughput, energy efficiency, yield, quality, availability, maintenance, and reliability across small (less than 50 full-time equivalents) and large (3,000 or more full-time equivalents) manufacturing sites
  • defining the strategy to introduce numerous new technical solutions and partnerships, including make-versus-buy analysis, quantification of cost and benefits, engagements with different stakeholders, and adoption and funding scenarios


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University of Oxford
PhD, engineering science
MS, engineering science