Electric Power & Natural Gas

Helping utilities and power-generation companies develop strategies to shape future growth, drive capital productivity, and perform operational transformations

We help traditional utilities, renewable groups, and new entrants including start-ups, developers, oil majors, and power-generation companies accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth throughout the energy transition process by using digitization, automation, and AI to achieve lasting value and stay ahead of consumer trends and market dynamics.

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Performance management, optimization, and modeling for the electric-power industry


Increasing productivity in heavy industry processing plants with advanced analytics

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An AI power play: Fueling the next wave of innovation in the energy sector

– How Vistra Corp. is partnering with McKinsey to improve efficiency and reduce emissions by using AI

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The Titanium Economy

How industrial technology can create a better, faster, stronger America

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McKinsey launches new Sustainable Materials Hub to accelerate the net-zero transition across value chains

– Companies utilizing steel, cement, and more have pledged to reach net zero—but face major challenges. Our new hub will meet the urgency and promise of the moment.

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