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Midstream & Downstream Natural Gas

We help clients capture maximum value from the sourcing, wholesale marketing, retailing, transmission, distribution, and storage of natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

The natural gas industry presents complex challenges, from assessing the robustness of unconventional gas strategies in North America to evaluating the impact of liquefied natural gas (LNG) pricing on demand in Asia.

To navigate an unpredictable market, companies need a global perspective on the dynamics of the business, analytical rigor in weighing strategic options, and the flexibility to respond swiftly to shifts in supply, demand, regulatory context, and competitive behavior.

What we do

We help clients develop distinctive insights into opportunities and risks, craft strategies, evaluate asset and contract portfolios, define their regulatory stance, build capabilities, manage talent, and achieve operational excellence. We serve top oil and gas companies, generators, pipeline operators, distribution utilities, traders, and industrial buyers.

  • Optimizing infrastructure assets, contracts, and portfolios. We help clients review their contract strategy and renegotiate terms to improve project risk/return ratios and optimize sourcing portfolios. To enhance trading activity, we work with clients to identify improvement opportunities, redesign risk procedures, and create new organization structures to support their strategic objectives.
  • Tailoring strategy to market outlook. We provide in-depth market perspectives based on an integrated view of how gas supply and demand are developing regionally and globally, and what that implies for infrastructure and marketing and sales. Using distinctive analyses and purpose-built modeling tools, we help our clients develop a robust, comprehensive fact base for sound strategic decision making.
  • Attaining operational excellence. We design individually tailored programs to improve assets and resources, identify technical solutions, and empower teams to transform entrenched processes. We help clients identify best practices, set ambitious targets, design effective progress-monitoring systems, and engage their people in performance dialogues to cultivate a best-in-class mind-set that endures long after a program ends.

Examples of our work

In the past 5 years we have undertaken more than 400 projects involving natural gas. They include:

Energy Company Seeking International Gas Opportunities

Working with an energy company seeking international natural gas opportunities to analyze markets, model scenarios, create an integrated business plan, and develop a strategy to enter markets and capture €300 million in value creation

Taking Positions in LNG Marketing and Terminal Ownership

Helping a gas utility to take positions in LNG marketing and terminal ownership to diversify its gas sourcing by 20 percent and improve its negotiating position with suppliers

Developing a Risk-Scoring Method

Supporting a gas distribution utility in developing a risk-scoring method for allocating capital across a portfolio of more than 500 projects, 15 to 20 percent of which were reprioritized in line with their safety risk probability

Featured capabilities

We invest in a program of research and testing to develop our own tools for a variety of industry-specific functions, including:

  • Gas Portfolio @ Risk. This model for scenario generation and analysis helps clients uncover value-creation opportunities in their assets and contracts.
  • Market modeling. Our Global Energy Perspective provides an integrated view of the natural gas, power, oil, and coal markets with scenarios up to 2050; our Global Gas Model and North American Gas Model enable scenario testing for price, demand, and trade.
  • Benchmarking. We have separate tools for Basin Production & Economics, the LNG Cost Curve, and the Global Shale Gas Cost Curve.
  • Cost curves. Our International Natural Gas Distribution Benchmarking Survey includes operating and capital expenses data from more than 40 companies in more than ten European and Latin American countries; our Commercial Performance Survey for Energy Trading provides gas and power benchmarks for trading, risk, and back-office operations.

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