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Renewable Energy & New Downstream

We help clients create value from renewable energy by identifying and pursuing growth options, achieving operational excellence, and participating in the regulatory process

Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, waste-to-energy, and hydropower technologies are providing more of the world’s energy as costs fall and countries seek to limit carbon footprints and secure energy supplies. This growth is also being fueled by advances in distributed generation, smart grids, and energy storage. At the same time, companies face challenges such as grid integration, subsidy reductions, and supplier consolidation.

What we do

We help utilities, developers, equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, and governments capture value from renewable energy and build a sustainable competitive advantage. To bring the latest and best thinking on power and clean technologies to our clients, we invest in building our knowledge and drawing from external industry expertise. Through our work, we also help shape the debate in the renewables industry and society as a whole.

Developing market perspectives

By providing deep insight into the attractiveness of technologies, markets, and entry options, we support companies as they plan to enter renewable businesses or expand along the value chain. Our global presence enables us to help clients capture a broad range of opportunities across multiple markets and segments, including industrial demand for green power.

Driving operational excellence

We work with renewable-power operators and equipment manufacturers to identify cost drivers, improve return on investment, and minimize risks through long-term contracts and strategic partnerships. To support timely decision making and build clients’ capabilities in bidding, forecasting, and hedging, we help design and embed new organizational processes, skills, and mind-sets.

Advising on energy policy and regulation

To guide clients through the regulatory maze, we use proprietary models and insights to analyze the impact of regulatory changes and assess stakeholder interests. We support clients in creating a robust regulatory strategy, and provide objective analysis to help shape national- and regional-energy agendas.

Examples of our work

We have completed more than 470 renewable energy projects in the past 5 years, including efforts such as these:

  • supporting a conventional utility with solar-market entry by analyzing technology evolution, costs, and margins; evaluating adoption drivers, competitive behavior, and business models; and advising on a strategy to increase earnings before interest and taxes by more than 10 percent in 5 years
  • helping the operator of a wind-power plant create a competitive advantage by reducing its operations and maintenance costs by 30 percent in 10 months while maintaining its service levels
  • assisting a solar client in responding to government objectives for renewable energy by analyzing the implications of proposed regulations and developing an execution framework to support negotiations—which proved so successful that the client is adopting it for regulatory strategy in other regions

Featured capabilities

To provide a fact base to inform clients’ business decisions, we have developed a suite of proprietary tools and methods, including the following:

  • wind: operations benchmarking (technical performance, capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and organization), a scorecard for assessing key performance drivers, a clean-sheet analysis of turbine generator costs, and a lean construction toolkit for wind farms
  • solar: a cost-curve model, a grid-parity model, financing-cost comparisons, and a demand-disintermediation model providing a granular perspective on how long it will take for distributed generation to be competitive with commercial and industrial rates
  • biomass: an integrated land-use model, including sourcing, a power-investment-economics model, and a mapping of power-technology insights

Featured experts

Christer Tryggestad

Senior Partner, Oslo

Sébastien Léger

Partner, Paris

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