Corporate Transformation
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Corporate Transformation

As power markets become more competitive and cost conscious, we help organizations transform performance, develop capabilities, and build cultures of continuous improvement.

How can utilities equip themselves to prosper in an evolving industry? Where are the growth opportunities? What impact will new-generation, grid, and behind-the-meter technologies have on business performance?

To succeed amid the uncertainties, utilities must stay alert to the evolution of earnings pools and ensure their organizations are flexible and responsive enough to capture opportunities as they emerge in new markets and along the value chain.

What we do

We help clients design and execute large-scale change programs that engage people at all levels of the organization in finding ways to continually improve performance.

  • Designing and delivering transformational change. We work with clients to shape a vision of the utility of the future, link targets to business outcomes, and create initiatives to strengthen performance, build skills, and modify mindsets and behaviors. We help leaders become role models, senior teams forge shared commitment and direction, and organizations develop their own capabilities for managing change so that the impact of a transformation lasts long after a project ends.
  • Strengthening organizational structure and health. To tackle the challenges of future power markets, we help clients move from legacy organizations and functional silos to modern streamlined and flexible structures built around business priorities. By reducing management layers and pushing decision making down through the organization, utilities can energize the front line, connect with customers, and meet their business goals.
  • Driving corporate-center effectiveness. We work with clients to build a fact base of corporate-center costs and performance, probe the reasons for shortfalls, explore where and how to make savings, and create coherent improvement initiatives. We help develop new lean implementation processes for managing soaring IT investments and support regulated utilities in articulating how corporate spend creates value for customers.

Examples of our work

Examples of our work

Organizational Health

Using our proprietary Organizational Health Index to enable a utility identify $50 million in run-rate value and achieve top-quartile performance in less than four months.

Purchasing and Supply Chain

Conducting a diagnostic of a utility's procurement organization that enabled it to identify opportunities to save 16 percent of its overall spend and reduce unit purchases from two supplier categories by 80 percent.

Information Technology

Helping a utility quantify sources of waste, build lean capabilities in applications development and maintenance, design and roll out a new IT organization, and achieve a 20 to 30 percent improvement in productivity.


Supporting a regulated utility under pressure after missing its earnings target with a transformation of its finance function, culminating in savings of 10 to 17 percent and a move up to a top-quartile ranking for total returns to shareholders.

Impact Story

Creating change that endures—and delivers rapid impact

A utility with collapsing profits renews itself to capture more than €500 million in value in 18 months.

Featured solution


Tracks initiatives, milestones, and impact in transformations through a program management platform.

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