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Rob Bland

Senior Partner, Bay Area
Leads McKinsey’s work in crisis response. Helps clients across sectors bring major crises under rapid control, identify and prevent potential incidents and breakpoints, and transform their operational risk management.

About Rob

Rob is a partner in McKinsey’s San Francisco office and leads McKinsey’s work in crisis response. He has broad experience in helping major organizations manage operational risk, stabilize crisis situations, and build resilience. He also brings deep expertise in shaping environmental sustainability strategies.

Rob’s client experience includes helping a global energy company recover from a major operational incident—and leading a postincident transformation program to standardize the company’s critical risk-mitigation equipment and processes. He helped a transportation company take immediate control of a serious operational incident and drive corrective actions. And he supported another energy client, which had experienced a series of major incidents, to diagnose and address the root causes. He has also worked with clients in the financial and public sectors.

Much of Rob’s work focuses on strengthening clients’ risk preparedness—preventing crises from arising in the first place. For example, he led the operational risk transformation for an energy client, integrating many disparate programs into one focused effort that cut risk in half. He also helped a major retailer identify its supply-chain risk and develop a strategy to mitigate future supply-chain incidents.

In sustainability, Rob’s experience includes developing a national clean-energy innovation strategy for the United States. He has developed social and environmental sustainability strategies for companies in the technology, retail, and diversified engineering sectors. And he helped a global energy company strengthen its alternative-energy strategy. Finally, he works with clean-tech start-ups to raise capital and solve product/market fit questions.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Rob was with Rosetta Stone, first as head of operations and finance and then of product development, helping grow a $100 million business in 4 years.

Published work

Charging electric-vehicle fleets: How to seize the emerging opportunity,” McKinsey & Company, March 2020


Stanford Graduate School of Business
MBA (Arjay Miller Scholar)

Washington and Lee University
BS, commerce (Lee Scholar)