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How North American natural gas could alleviate the global energy crisis

North America has the potential to provide affordable natural gas that could address energy security and help decarbonization—here’s what it will take to do so.



Electric vehicles are here and large-scale adoption is … near?

– You might expect electric vehicles to be more popular, with gas prices and sustainability concerns so high. But barriers to widespread... adoption remain. Here’s what companies must do to topple them.

The clean hydrogen opportunity for hydrocarbon-rich countries

– Hydrogen could play an important role in helping hard-to-abate sectors meet climate targets. Countries with hydrocarbon resources... and industry expertise can help build and scale the needed technology.

2022 LNG Buyer Survey: Adapting to an uncertain future

– Our recent survey illustrates how the liquefied natural gas market has shifted in response to concerns about supply security and... environmental sustainability.

Net-zero heat: Long-duration energy storage to accelerate energy system decarbonization

– Thermal energy storage has the potential to greatly contribute to decarbonizing global heat and power, while helping to ensure... the energy system operates affordably, reliably, and efficiently.

Renewable-energy development in a net-zero world: Overcoming talent gaps

– The rapid growth of renewables depends on the industry finding enough employees with the right skills and experience.

Renewable-energy development in a net-zero world: Land, permits, and grids

– Finding large tracts of land for solar and wind farms is getting harder. Developers will have to strengthen capabilities and enhance... their operational effectiveness.

Renewable-energy development in a net-zero world

– Global decarbonization will require a massive build-out of wind and solar farms. But can developers find enough land, secure the... supply chain, and recruit workers while maintaining profitability?

Scaling the CCUS industry to achieve net-zero emissions

– Carbon capture, utilization, and storage can help hard-to-abate industries achieve net-zero emissions. Scaling the industry will... require action by governments, investors, and industrial players.

Building resilient supply chains for the European energy transition

– To ensure a timely and orderly energy transition, companies and other stakeholders urgently need to strengthen each step... of the already-stretched supply chains of key technologies.

Charting a path for Vietnam to achieve its net-zero goals

– By harnessing opportunities across sectors—particularly in power—Vietnam could potentially accelerate decarbonization... to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Will fusion energy help decarbonize the power system?

– Nuclear fusion has long been considered a near-impossible clean-energy solution. But technological advances—and the need... for a flexible zero-carbon power grid—have made fusion worth considering.
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Energy Transition


Climate Change

Earth's changing climate has big implications for citizens, businesses, and policy makers. This collection draws together articles and reports on physical climate risk, sustainability, the energy transition, and approaches to face up to the challenges brought on by climate change.

Global Energy Perspective 2021

– The Global Energy Perspective describes our view on how the energy transition can unfold, through four scenarios.
Interview - Voices on Infrastructure

Shifting the status quo in energy: An interview with Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich

– It’s more important than ever for leaders to overcome fears and embrace the new energy landscape. Empowering consumers to... make informed decisions can help.

Germany’s energy transition at a crossroads

– Germany has been a leader in the transition toward a low-carbon-energy system, but it will still miss most of its energy-transition... targets for 2020. Urgent action is needed to get back on track.

Rethinking the renewable strategy for an age of global competition

– Renewable-based power generation is rising. As the market evolves, what will it take to succeed, and what kinds of players will... win?

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Executive Briefing

COVID-19: Implications for business

– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare for the next normal.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Reimagining the postpandemic organization

– The organization of the future is taking shape in the moves that companies are making now. Here’s what’s changing—and why some... companies say they won’t go back.

Reimagining the office and work life after COVID-19

– The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in... creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees.

Safeguarding our lives and our livelihoods: The imperative of our time

– We must solve for the virus and the economy. It starts with battling the virus.

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