A more orderly transition: Navigating energy in 2023

This compendium collects ten articles from the first half of 2023 reflecting most important findings for the future of the energy transition.

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The energy transition: A region-by-region agenda for near-term action

– What practical actions could countries take now to ensure that the energy transition both accelerates and proceeds in an orderly fashion?

Land: A crucial resource for the energy transition

– To achieve its decarbonization targets, the European Union will need to expand renewable-energy capacity. Identifying and allocating... sufficient land will be foundational to the effort.

A balancing act: Securing European gas and power markets

– The invasion of Ukraine has shocked the European energy market. Europe may need to intensify efforts to reduce gas demand to balance... the market and ensure security of supply while avoiding price spikes.

Beyond G&A: Maximizing synergy from oil and gas mergers

– In the coming consolidation wave, exploration and production companies can raise the aspiration on deal synergy and move beyond... G&A.

The world needs to capture, use, and store gigatons of CO2: Where and how?

– Strategically building carbon capture, utilization, and storage hubs near clusters of large emitters can lower costs and accelerate... scale-up.

How oil and gas companies can be successful in renewable power

– The traditional business model of oil and gas players is under pressure. Investing in the sustainable-power value chain can provide... an opportunity to diversify and play a leading role as the industry transitions.

Renewable-energy development in a net-zero world: Disrupted supply chains

– Global supply chains have been under enormous pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine crisis. In the wind and solar... sectors, these pressures are compounded by industry-specific challenges.

Powering up new leadership for a changing energy environment

– Realizing it can no longer be “business as usual,” industry chiefs need to transform themselves and their organizations... to succeed.

The future of commodity trading

A new normal of commodity trading will call for new types of traders.

The future of commodity trading continues... to take shape. For our latest insights on how commodities markets are navigating industry changes, see The critical role of commodity trading in times of uncertainty.


Net zero: Next moves for CEOs

– How leaders can invest in a sustainable future and navigate near-term energy pressures successfully.

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