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Increasing productivity in processing and smelting plants with advanced analytics

Processing plants are complex, with intricate, non-linear interactions across thousands of variables and multiple trade-offs to solve for. Operating decisions are typically made based on an individual operator’s experience and can vary significantly. Amidst this complexity, technology generates enormous amounts of data across the value chain. When used to its full potential, data can drive productivity improvement and help plants achieve optimal results.
Capturing value from advanced analytics requires multiple skillsets, such as data science, process control and metallurgy, IT, change management, and capability building. OptimusAI leverages a full portfolio of digital solutions that combines science, data, and experts to help mining and processing companies make data-driven decisions to improve productivity, throughput, and recovery.


average improvement in recovery


average improvement in throughput

Our approach

Our tried and tested approach to advanced analytics brings together a robust delivery process with a collaborative team of specialists—both supported by proprietary technology and products.


We bring a mix of data science, process control, operations, and design expertise, with hands-on experience in applying advanced analytics to improve processing.


With our focus on processing, we have developed a standard recipe for deploying high-impact solutions efficiently and sustainably. We help organizations move quickly to capture impact while building capabilities for long-term success.


Our proprietary capability develops control room advisor systems to improve processing performance. OptimusAI uses state-of-the-art data science to optimize performance in the context of thousands of variables, and includes an easy-to-use interface to process recommendations.

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