Life Sciences

Helping clients accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth across the life sciences industries

How we help clients


Bringing cutting edge capabilities in design, digital and analytics to create innovative products, devices, equipment, software, and solutions that enhance patient value and outcomes.

Generics and Biosimilars

Helping companies capture opportunities across the value chain for generics, branded generics, established products and biosimilars, and forging connections among industry stakeholders.

Medical Affairs

Helping clients to transform their medical affairs function into the company’s third strategic pillar alongside R&D and commercial.


Using our operations expertise to drive performance, increase revenue, and enhance the bottom line.

Research & Development

Helping clients build the R&D capabilities needed to drive innovation, improve productivity and performance, and develop successful portfolio and asset strategies.


Helping clients maximize commercial value by assisting with product launch, marketing, sales, and market access.


Helping biotech companies across the entire value chain, from early-stage companies getting initial funding to established companies launching into international markets.

Digital Health and Health tech

Helping health tech businesses across the entire value chain, from start-ups in the initial stages of fundraising to established companies, expand into global markets.

How we make a difference

McKinsey Cancer Center

The McKinsey Cancer Center helps life sciences organizations discover, develop, and distribute more effective medicines, deliver better care, and provide broader access to solutions that help patients and their families combat cancer.

Our people

Jake Henry

Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads McKinsey’s global work in medtech, and serves leading medical technology companies as they set strategy, pursue growth opportunities, and...

Chris Llewellyn

Senior Partner, London
Leads our work globally in the life sciences, biopharma, medical products and health technology spaces

Featured capability


POBOS provides information on cost, productivity and quality, supply chain performance, and quality performance across more than 35 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Companies can use the information to understand productivity drivers and their impact and quickly focus efforts on the highest value areas.

Featured insights


The Helix report: Is biopharma wired for future success?

– The biopharmaceutical industry has made remarkable achievements in the past decade, but is it equipped to leap still further ahead... in the coming one? Company leaders’ answers to nine questions could prove decisive.

Reimagining the future of biopharma manufacturing

– Leveraging digital and analytics advances can unlock significant value for biopharma companies through gains in quality, speed,... agility, and resilience.

A biotech survival kit for a challenging public-market environment

– After a decade of plenty, biotechs are grappling with a challenging market. To emerge strongly, they can streamline R&D and... G&A expenses, evaluate new financing options, and consider mergers with other biotechs.

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