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Helping clients maximize commercial value by assisting with product launch, marketing, sales, and market access.

What we do

Our extensive experience serving life sciences firms in all therapeutic areas has given us a deep knowledge of global commercial trends affecting the industry, including reimbursement issues.

In helping clients navigate through this turbulence, we focus on four areas:

Product launch

We have helped drive product launches for the most successful drugs on the market and have expertise in all therapeutic areas. Although launches are often complex, with products entering the market in multiple countries simultaneously, we can keep development on track. To help clients prepare for future launches, we focus on capability building during our studies and have created the Launch Academy training program.


We support clients in creating high-impact strategies that maximize value, using customized tools. We also have detailed market data for all major geographic regions, including emerging markets (e.g., information on trends in India and China).


We help clients reach their full sales potential while maintaining efficiency. Our efforts span the entire organization—we can help train and restructure sales forces, work directly in the field to provide coaching, maximize value from back-office services, develop strategies to accelerate short-term sales, and assist with company-wide commercial transformations. We also have databases with information that can help companies maximize sales force effectiveness, such as the Institutional Segmentation and Targeting Tool (ISATT), which provides data on US hospital accounts.

Market access

We have a deep knowledge of global market access issues. Many payors are now reluctant to pay for new products, especially if they are more expensive than existing therapies. To overcome this challenge, we work with clients to develop compelling real world evidence in support of their drugs. We also assist clients with payor negotiations, helping them build trust-based relationships while simultaneously obtaining optimal reimbursement terms. In addition, we have supported several clients in the design and implementation of value-added services for patients, such as patient loyalty programs and medication co-pay cards.

Featured capabilities

We have developed sophisticated tools and solutions that can help pharmaceutical and medical product companies during the entire product development lifecycle, from discovery through post-launch. In addition, we have created databases for use in benchmarking, customer segmentation, and market analysis. Many of our assets were created specifically to address the unique challenges that pharmaceutical and medical product companies often confront.

Some examples of our tools and solutions include:

  • Institutional Segmentation and Targeting Tool (ISATT): A detailed database that contains information on US hospital accounts, such as the level of formulary control and the size of the opportunity. It can help companies segment customers, prioritize accounts, and maximize sales force effectiveness.
  • Periscope: A toolkit that helps companies improve pricing and pinpoint hidden sources of value to drive profitable growth and achieve competitive advantage. It supports key business-to-business marketing and sales interactions to create transparency on performance, shape actions, and drive bottom-line impact.
  • Growth Accelerator: A holistic approach to diagnosing the barriers for growth, designing strategic interventions, and implementing those initiatives for pharmaceutical and medical products companies. Through extensive assessments and proprietary benchmarking, the Growth Accelerator identifies growth opportunities for every part of the organization.

Featured experts

Brian Fox

Senior Partner, New Jersey

Reinout Goedvolk

Senior Partner, Amsterdam

Franck Le Deu

Senior Partner, Hong Kong

David Quigley

Senior Partner, New York

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